Top 5 rarest Call of Duty: Warzone weapon skins

Accessorize the arsenal (Image via Activision)
Accessorize the arsenal (Image via Activision)
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Call of Duty: Warzone comparison features a genuinely staggering mountain of cosmetic options to be acquired. While some skins seem innumerable, others can feel impossible for players to acquire.

Thanks to the game's constant advancement, many skins were once unlockable but now find themselves impossible to acquire. These five weapon skins are impossible to attain, whether a camo set or a creative, colorful paint job.

These are the rarest Call of Duty: Warzone weapon skins

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Call of Duty: Warzone features several hundred optional weapon skins, many of which are impossible to acquire. Each was once available but could still be seen in action against the right foe.

5) Dawn to Dusk

As many have pointed out, this is one of the least visually exciting skins. This skin for the Fennec SMG barely changes a couple of incidental details and can't be unlocked anymore.

This was a reward for reaching Officer Level 155 in Season 5, which has long since passed. Players likely wouldn't even recognize Dawn to Dusk if they saw it in action.

4) Fluid Dynamics Kar 98k

Outdated Contraband (Image via Activision)
Outdated Contraband (Image via Activision)

This elegantly designed sniper served as the Contraband reward for Call of Duty: Warzone season 5. Since the offer passed in late 2021, only a handful of snipers could be caught sporting this skin.

Even if players went through the steps to unlock this weapon, it was a random drop. This makes it even less likely that any random player is holding on to the weapon's design.

3) Hazardous Krig 6

Above and beyond (Image via Activision)
Above and beyond (Image via Activision)

The Hazardous Krig 6 is also a Contraband reward, but from even longer in the past, harder to earn, and even rarer to drop. The weapon was available to those who undertook tough challenges two years ago.

It's unlikely that many of those people are still around in the game. The Krig 6 was once a dominating gun in the meta, but it has since been reduced to normalcy, making it much less common.

2) Royal Decree Desert Eagle


This weapon was the grand prize reward for the first gunfight tournament when Call of Duty: Warzone was introduced. This means that a tiny group would earn this, and fewer are likely to be still playing.

This Desert Eagle isn't returning to the game. It's too important to its legacy. Players with the Royal Decree are few and far between but very proud.

1) Hammer 725


Call of Duty: Warzone introduced a unique skin for the destructive 725 shotgun, which exclusively comes to those who played the beta. The handful of players who got in early and reached level 10 before the game even dropped carry this short-range killer.

This skin is minimal and rare. As only players who got in early and leveled up often have it, the Hammer is probably the rarest skin in Call of Duty: Warzone.

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