Top 5 streamers who almost died on live stream

Streamers who almost died on a live stream (Image via FaZe Temperrr)
Streamers who almost died on a live stream (Image via FaZe Temperrr)

Most streamers are troubled by various health issues due to sitting in front of a screen for a long time. Additionally, IRL streamers can be subjected to certain life-threatening incidents while they are streaming.

These incidents often lead to viewers watching helplessly as their favorite streamer tries to escape the clutches of death.

This article features five scenarios when streamers found themselves either undergoing an uncomfortable health issue or suffering from a dangerous accident while streaming.

Streamers who almost died on a live stream

#5 - Turner "Tfue" Tenney

Back in 2018, Tfue was skateboarding when FaZe Kay's car suddenly appeared in the corner. Tfue was taken by surprise and lost his balance. This resulted in the Fortnite streamer crashing into Kay's car, which had halted by then. Moments later, Kay could be seen stepping out of the car, visibly shaken.

As Kay later explained in his video, after Tfue lost his balance, Kay couldn't see him for a while and was horrified when he heard the crashing noise. Needless to say, Tfue was extremely lucky to have escaped without any major injuries.

#4 - Harold Christopher George Harry Lewis, a.k.a. Wroetoshaw or W2S

This soccer-centric content creator always goes the distance when trying out various challenges for his YouTube channel. One challenge resulted in a horrific accident that could have ended very badly. It took place while he was trying to execute a rooftop soccer challenge.

Although he was holding on to the chimney with one hand at all times, while reaching out to grab the ball, his hand slip. This resulted in the streamer tumbling down the roof and o to the hood of a car before plummeting into the gravel. The streamer was seriously injured after falling from the roof.

#3 - Rhys "therhys" Logan

This Runescape streamer literally suffered a heart attack on live stream and passed out for a few minutes. Rhys was streaming Runescape for his viewers. He later admitted on his stream that he hadn't eaten anything since morning, and that could have resulted in the attack.

After having defeated one of the high-leveled monsters in Runescape, Rhys got extremely excited. The adrenaline push turned into severe pain and eventually resulted in the streamer passing out on the floor. Rhys ultimately recovered, but it was quite a frightening experience.

#2 - Craig "NepentheZ" Douglas

NepentheZ is ane extremely popular FIFA content creator with almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Back in 2015, while streaming Dead by Dayiight, the streamer found himself choking on his food.

After struggling for a while, the streamer was able to dislodge the piece of food. To his viewers' delight, the streamer recovered after a short while and continued with his normal stream.

#1 - Sara "Sarakateee" Kate

While streaming on Twitch back in 2015, Sarakateee had her cat perched on top of her chair. When the streamer tried to interact with the cat, the feline responded with a jab which landed in Sara's eye. This streamer's eye then started to release a lot of blood.

Sarakateee was clearly in a lot of pain as blood kept flowing out of the wound. The injury was so grave that Sara couldn't stop sobbing during her stream. She has since recovered from the injury and continues to stream with her cat.

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