Top 5 Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) 

Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Tanks define every team in almost every MOBA game and Mobile Legends Bang Bang is no exception to this. Tanks are defensive characters who conventionally guard the frontlines and knock back waves of enemies for other DPS characters to take point.

Tank team compositions are meta in almost every game in the genre for the simple reason that the viability of an all offensive strategy reduces at higher ranks. Investing in Tanks from an earlier stage in the game is the best way to go about building an effective roster.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang has a vast library of heroes for every role, so this article will guide players on how they can choose the best Tanks for their playstyle and team composition.

Top 5 Tanks for Mobile Legends Bang Bang in Februrary 2022 include Franco, Hylos, Johnson, and more


The given list is ranked in ascending order of overall capability, but the value of a hero in actual gameplay is determined by playstyle and team composition, and is therefore subjective.

5) Franco


Franco is the ideal starterTank in Mobile Legends Bang Bang's current meta. The main reason he makes it to this list is his ability to take on the enemy's Tank and take the first engagement every time. His passive ability restores his HP every second, which increases his survivability, which in turn is important for a Tank. Additionally, he can hook jungle creeps, enemy heroes and combo it with his ultimate to deal damage.

Wide-ranging supression abilities, including the ability to take first engagement are the main factors going for Franco.

4) Hylos


Hylos is a more damage-focused Tank. Players who want a Tank that can help their team escape or chase an enemy should invest in Hylos. One of the easiest to use heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, he gains Mana and HP passively throughout the game, and can use HP to cast skills when he runs out of Mana.

He can create a movement path for the team, slow and stun enemies, and deal AoE damage with his skills. Players who were looking for a Tank with extreme mobility need not look any further.

3) Johnson


Johnson has been described as one of the most fun-to-play characters in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Johnson's main utility as a Tank comes from his very high max HP and his ability to carry around allies securely by turning into a car. He pairs well with almost the entire library of characters in MLBB.

As mentioned earlier, Johnson can turn into a car. He can drive himself or one other ally around the map, slowing and stunning enemies. His ultimate involves him rushing at a group of enemies in his car form and crashing into them dealing massive damage.

Using him with a powerful DPS like Bane can allow players to dominate entire teams easily.

2) Gatotkaca


Gatotkaca is the most durable Tank in Mobile Legends Bang Bang's current meta. Excellent defensive and offensive capabilities also make for very versatile use cases for him in MLBB. Particularly in team fights, all the damage that he takes, boosts his physical defense, as he converts lost HP to physical defense. The lost HP also boosts his ATK damage so the more damage he takes, he will be able to dole out just as much.

His ability to be a Tank and an initiator at the same time makes him a worthy investment and a reliable character to have in the team for any situation.

1) Tigreal


Tigreal has retained the top spot in the Tanks for a couple of seasons now. Ease of use, reliability, and extreme numbers make it hard for others to rid Tigreal of his top position. His ultimate involves him pulling all enemies close to him and stunning them, allowing anyone on the player's team to finish off a horde of enemies in one fell swoop.

Simply put, he is like a combination of all Mobile Legends Bang Bang heroes listed here. He has Franco's ability to jungle the enemy's front, Hylos's healing capability, Johnson's mobility, and Gatotkaca's durability.

Fans should stay tuned to this space for all the details on the latest Mobile Legends Bang Bang releases and updates.

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