Top 5 Twitch streamers who got banned on livestream

Iconic streamer bans on Twitch (Image via The Verge)
Iconic streamer bans on Twitch (Image via The Verge)

Twitch has a variety of streamers using the platform to showcase their talents and hard work. Over the years, some streamers have risen to immense popularity due to their fan-following on the platform. However, Twitch is rather strict about its rules and does not hesitate to hand out bans to streamers who flout them or their ToS.

In that respect, the streaming platform does not discriminate between its most popular streamers and other smaller streamers. Over the last year itself, the community has seen some of the most iconic Twitch personalities getting banned live on stream.

Most iconic Twitch bans

1) Dr. DisRespect

Dr. DisRespect has been a household name for every Call of Duty fan. Yet, last year, Twitch handed out a mysterious perma ban to the Two Time and neither party disclosed the reason behind this ban.

Dr DisRespect (Image via CNN)
Dr DisRespect (Image via CNN)

This has left fans puzzled since the ban occurred, and even almost a year after the ban was handed out to him, there is no sign of Doc returning to Twitch.

2) Amouranth

One of the most controversial streamers on Twitch, Amouranth is one of the most popular hot-tub streamers. There has been a huge debate within the Twitch community about hot-tub streams, with the likes of xQc advocating against it very openly.

Amouranth recently received her third ban on Twitch after she accidentally opened an NSFW link on her live stream. Although this cannot entirely be blamed on her, since the link was sent by one of her followers on her stream, many believe that it is her responsibility to check the content she displays on her stream. This is because her audience may also consist of viewers below the age of 18.

Amouranth receives a Twitch ban for the third time (Image via InsideSport)
Amouranth receives a Twitch ban for the third time (Image via InsideSport)

She was previously banned for accidental nudity and an allegedly inappropriate gym stream.

3) Alinaarose

Alinaarose is yet another streamer who was banned for sexually inappropriate content. She was recently streaming with another streamer named 'actuallyangel' and decided to perform ASMR with a specially designed microphone. This was considered inappropriate, and she quickly received the ban hammer for the fourth time. The streamer, however, seemed quite calm about the ban.

4) Sodapoppin

Sodapoppin received his Twitch ban last year after he allegedly violated Twitch's community guidelines about in-game sexual content. To add fuel to the fire, he went ahead and released an "apology video" on YouTube, where he made sarcastic remarks about his Twitch ban. The streaming platform has strict rules against public revelations of the reasons behind any ban. Therefore, the streamer's actions may have done further damage.

5) Adin Ross

Adin Ross' Twitch ban was one of the bans that created a buzz in the community, with #FreeAdin trending after the ban. The 20-year-old streamer received his third ban from the platform after his risque roleplay on the GTA server. The streamer, directly called out the hypocrisy in Twitch's guidelines, which allowed people to be half naked on stream, but not show risque characters in pixelated games.

Twitch has a reputation for handing out bans on the platform abruptly, but these were the most iconic ones ever seen on livestreams.

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