Top 5 unique Animal Crossing villagers: Blaire, Chadder, and more

{Image via Sportskeeda}
{Image via Sportskeeda}

In honor of Animal Crossing's 20th anniversary having just passed, it may be an appropriate time to highlight some Animal Crossing villagers who have the most unique in-game appearances.

Top 5 Unique Animal Crossing Villagers: Blaire, Chadder, and more

While several species of animals are featured in Animal Crossing, some species' appearances come with special twists. On some occasions, these twists even pay tribute to mythical and fantastic creatures. Either way, this list curates the top unique villagers that can be seen on islands everywhere in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

#5 - Blaire

Appearing in all versions of Animal Crossing so far, Blaire is a skunk-like villager who has been loved by the community for some time. Her Zodiac sign is Cancer, and she is a snooty personality-type. This makeup-loving squirrel will keep her fellow islanders on their toes in New Horizons as she quite enjoys gossiping.

Though Blaire is a more common Animal Crossing villager, Tasha's appearance equally represents a skunk. As a snooty Sagittarius, Tasha ties with Blaire for fifth place as an honorable mention.

#4 - Chadder

What is more unique, and perhaps a bit too ironic, than a mouse with a Swiss Cheese-inspired fur pattern? This Animal Crossing villager's smug personality is represented nicely by his dashing tuxedo. Along with being a gentleman, Chadder is a Sagittarius.

#3 - Drago

Though alligator villagers are few and far between, this Animal Crossing villager is not only one of the most unique villagers, but perhaps one of the best. Drago's dragon-inspipred appearance is reflected in his name and by the image found on his shirt. His harmonious home in New Horizons further adds to this Aquarius' mystical aesthetic.

#2 - Julian

There are plenty of uniquely styled Animal Crossing villagers who are horses, such as Roscoe and Colton. However, Julian is miles above them, as his unicorn appearance brings magic to islands everywhere. Adding glitter and glam to his smug personality, Julian the unicorn is a highly sought after Pisces.

#1 - Coco

Though the community is divided on whether or not this Animal Crossing villager is cute or creepy, the rabbit named Coco is definitely unique. Her appearance is inspired by the music-making gyroids found throughout all of the previous Animal Crossing games, though they currently appear in New Horizons at construction sites for bridges and ramps. While Coco is a normal personality-type villager, her birthday recently passed in March, making her a Pisces like Julian.

Though each and every one of the hundreds of Animal Crossing villagers available holds a special place in the hearts of every islander, these five villagers do have completely unique appearances. Should players be looking to add any of these villagers to their island rosters, they should take to the sky using Dodo Airlines or consider purchasing the villager's Amiibo card.

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