Top 7 toplane champions that will dominate meta at League of Legends Worlds 2022

Ornn, Aatrox, and Camille are certain to have high presence at Worlds 2022
Ornn, Aatrox, and Camille are certain to have high presences at the Worlds 2022 (Image via Spotskeeda)

On September 21, 2022, the League of Legends Worlds 2022 will begin. Though there is still one more incoming patch, Riot Games is leaning towards the idea that they should not shift the meta too much, instead tuning potentially overtly powerful champions.

The current League of Legends meta and the meta from the playoffs should remain in place for the next few weeks until the Worlds 2022 begins.

The top lane is a unique role in League of Legends, filled with a variety of classes of champions. Tanks, bruisers, ranged carries, and split push champs are a class of champions that can be expected to be picked in pro play.

The top lane pick is often saved for the final pick in professional drafts. This role has the most complex counters in the game, meaning a massive draft advantage could be gained.

Let's get into some of the most likely champions to be picked either blindly or as a counter.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.

Meta top lane picks for League of Legends Worlds 2022

1) Ornn


Since his release in League of Legends Season 7, Ornn has been a solid top lane pick. Most recently, he was crowned the most blindable top laner in the current meta.

His ability to build items while in lane allows him to get the tools he needs to deal with any counter-pick. Ornn is content with losing lane, knowing he can upgrade his teammates' items in the late game while providing the most crowd control.

2) Aatrox


Aatrox is another champion that can be blinded since he has multiple itemization options and a constant ability to outplay opponents. He does well surviving ganks with his ultimate and can scrim with the best champs in the game.

If the recent playoffs are any indication, Aatrox will be one of the most popular picks at the Worlds 2022.

3) Camille


Recently buffed in League of Legends patch 12.17, Camille is one of the strongest split push champions in the game and is capable of being combined with many champions.

One prevalent composition in pro play over the years has been Camille top, Jarvan IV jungle, and Galio mid. Layering all three of these champions' ultimates on top of each other results in at minimum one guaranteed kill.

4) Gragas


Gragas is another League of Legends top laner that does well as a blind pick. He can heal in-lane, has a slow, two knock-ups, and can be itemized as a tank or a full AP one-shot build.

History says that Gragas is great in pro play because of his ability to E-flash-ultimate combo for an undeniable engagement.

5) Jax


Jax is one of the strongest counterpick champions because of his counterstrike. This ability will absorb every auto attack, including empowered ones.

Or, Aatrox, Camille, and Gragas all have an empowered auto attack, which automatically gives Jax massive value in drafts.

6) Kennen


Kennen has possibly the highest damage ultimate in team fights out of every top lane champion in the game, alongside being a manaless ranged champion.

This gives him an advantage in nearly every top lane matchup, though he is still a low-health champion, making him susceptible to ganks.

7) Fiora


Fiora is a classic hyper carry and split push counter pick. In matchups that allow her to play aggressively, paired with a jungler willing to create the space she needs to split push, this champion is fully capable of taking over a game.

She is extremely strong into Ornn and Aatrox, in particular, making her a highly likely counter-pick to be used at Worlds 2022.

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