“I found a way to defeat cancel culture”: Trainwreck has weird proposition to turn the tables on journalists

Trainwreck said he wanted to start a media company that follows journalists (Image via Trainwreck/Twitter)
Trainwreck said he wanted to start a media company that follows journalists (Image via Trainwreck/Twitter)
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Tyler "Trainwreck" recently sent out a tweet claiming to have found a solution to cancel culture. He stated that he would like to start a media company of his own, but with a strange twist.

The Scuffed Podcast host called for the creation of a media company that follows around and reports on journalists. It seems the goal of this hypothetical company would be to give journalists a taste of their own medicine.

i found a way to defeat cancel culture media that only prey on downfalls & dramatize fuck ups for relevancy. i’ll make a media company that follows each journalist everywhere they go, the journalist of a journalist, then we’ll see how perfect y’all are behind the bullshit

Trainwreck has a strange idea for a media company

Tyler posted on Twitter that he wanted to start his own media company. The goal of his proposed venture would be to follow around and report on journalists, turning the tables on those he described as "praying on downfalls" for clicks.

"I found a way to defeat cancel culture media that only pray on downfalls and dramatize f*** ups for relevancy."

The reason for following journalists around seems to involve handing them a taste of their own medicine, as the streamer does not have a favorable opinion of them.

"We’ll see how perfect y’all are behind the bulls***."

While he certainly makes these claims with conviction, it is unlikely that Trainwreck is serious about starting a media company. While the gambling streamer is certainly successful and tosses around large sums of cash, the start-up costs alone would be massive.

The goal of the proposed company is also questionable. The streamer said he wanted to follow journalists everywhere they go and dig up information about their private lives.

While some may see this as giving journalists a taste of their own medicine, others see it as stalking private citizens to dig up dirt on them. It creates a slippery slope where people with money can harrass anyone that disagrees with them.

This is just the latest chapter in the broader public discussion about cancel culture. While many ponder its impact, some people believe it to be one of the larger issues in our society today. Trainwreck would seem to fall into the latter category, but his proposed solution is dubious.

Fans react to Trainwreck's proposed media company

Fans of the streamer seemed to be supportive of his idea of creating a media company that follows journalists. Some said that reporting on journalists would help keep the "fake news" in check.

@Trainwreckstv Please. In school students are now being taught how to research and validate articles, papers, and studies from ENG 100 due to the misinformation, melodrama, and outright lies that "credible" sources publish. Seriously creating this would provide a safe haven for students. 1/2
@Trainwreckstv slay i cant wait to read your journalism train
@Trainwreckstv Me whenever I see a Train tweet.

Other commenters pointed out that the well-known YouTuber and Drama Alert host Keemstar already does something similar to what he described. Keemstar himself even responded.

@Trainwreckstv I dislike the guy but pretty sure Keemstar found out how to best cancel culture nearly a decade ago.
@Trainwreckstv We’ve been doing this for years.

Many of the replies came from those who took the time to speak out against cancel culture, saying it destroys the way people interact with each other and disregards self-improvement in the modern day.

@Trainwreckstv I hate cancel culture. Gone are the days of encouraging people to better themselves. The whole point of accountability is to call out and correct slimy behaviour. Cancel culture calls for destruction on sight. To ruin people. Which only makes the issues worse.
@Trainwreckstv Meh the worst is when you know you made a mistake and you are working on doing better but are constantly reminded of that mistake you made and then you just end up lacking motivation to do better

On the other side of the debate are those who believe that cancel culture is being blown out of proportion and that most people who've been canceled deserve their fate.

@Trainwreckstv The term cancel culture is overused and has lost all meaning. The same people that use this term say things like SJW and Woke. Going in on people for crap they did years ago is bad but if you are a POS recently then you are going to get called out.
@Trainwreckstv What is cancel culture? Who’s been “canceled” that didn’t deserve to be so called “cancelled” anyways?

Cancel culture is a hotly debated topic in society today. While many have their own take on cancel culture, few have proposed creating a company with the goal of stalking people they perceive as being propogators of it.

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