Twitch earnings leak might bolster Dr Disrespect's lawsuit against the purple platform

Twitch leak reveals Dr Disrespect's earnings from the purple platform (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch leak reveals Dr Disrespect's earnings from the purple platform (Image via Sportskeeda)
Nakul Ahuja

The Twitch leak has been making headlines over the last few days and proceedings got worse for the platform when Dr Disrespect's earnings also became a matter of public knowledge, which the "Two-Time" can use to fortify his lawsuit.

How the Twitch leak could strengthen Dr Disrespect's lawsuit

The leaked list mentions the earnings of some of the most popular streamers housed on Twitch. The 11th spot, however, doesn't mention a name, but states that the streamer earned a little less than $3 million dollars from 2019 to 2021.

On the alleged leaked Twitch streamer document, it does seem that Twitch leaked Dr Disrespect's info as well, with the user ID matching up to his channelWonder if this will impact their lawsuit at all

Interestingly, the user ID cited in the list is similar to the one mentioned on Doc's channel, which is now defunct.

It reiterates how Dr Disrespect was one of the most popular and most profitable streamers on the platform before they banned him for reasons that remain shrouded in mystery.

However, the streamer revealed a couple of months back that he was aware of the reasons behind his ban and was filing a lawsuit against the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Dr Disrespect stated how Twitch was responsible for him losing out on several sponsorships and deals, implying that the ban cost him a lot of money. In a wild turn of events, the leaked information could be vital to bolstering his lawsuit.

Dr Disrespect claims he's suing Twitch for his permanent ban from the platform

During a stream on 23 August 2021, Dr Disrespect claimed he's aware of the reasons behind his ban. Coupled with that, he revealed his intentions to take legal action against Twitch.

Here's what he stated:

“There’s a reason why, and I’ll just say this right now champs — there’s a reason why we’re suing the f*** out of ’em, ok?”

Be that as it may, this is all the information available on the subject right now. Incidentally, several high-profile Twitch streamers have defected to YouTube Gaming, with others scouting for greener pastures.

Dr Disrespect is SUING Twitch over his ban!!!Also says he knows the reason that he got banned (unlike @Slasher)

DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and CouRageJD have already made the switch and can be found causing havoc on the streets of Verdansk with Dr Disrespect every now and then.

Twitch leak iterates how xQc is the most profitable streamer on the platform

The list reveals how the Canadian streamer earned in eight figures from the purple platform between 2019 and 2021. Surprisingly, no other creator comes close to this mark.

xQc earned a whopping $750K in September alone and remains the most profitable streamer on the platform.

To everyone's dismay, however, Pokimane earned a little over $35K from Twitch. Apart from that, the most shocking bit of information is Dr Disrespect's name on the list.

Despite leaving the platform for over a year, he remains one of the most profitable streamers on the internet.

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