Twitch star Pokimane commends herself for her Valorant achievements despite facing vicious stream snipers

Pokimane lauds her success in Valorant despite facing hardships (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pokimane lauds her success in Valorant despite facing hardships (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Twitch streamer Imane "Pokimane" is undoubtedly one of the biggest female streamers in the gaming and streaming space. Her success and reputation in Epic Games' shooter title, Fortnite, as well as Riot's League of Legends, precedes her.

By the time Riot Games launched their FPS game, Valorant, the 25-year-old gamer was already on her way, rising up the ranks.

In a recent tweet, Pokimane applauded herself for her individual success in the popular game despite facing stream snipers regularly.

Variety streamer Pokimane lauds her individual success in Valorant

The OfflineTV star often streams a variety of games on her Twitch channel, varying from Valorant and Fortnite to GTA V and Battleship. However, Poki's fans from her early days thoroughly enjoy her first-person shooter adventures, due to FPS games playing a part in her success.

Following her latest stream focusing on her Valorant expeditions, Pokimane took to Twitter to commend herself for reaching Diamond 2, a high rank on the Valorant ranking spectrum.

can’t believe i solo q’d to diamond 2 on stream.. while facing stream snipers.. lmaooo

Her self-appreciation is much deserved, given that she reached a high rank by 'solo q-ing' or 'solo queueing', i.e. queueing a match alone, which means having four randomly selected players on your team.

What makes the achievement even more commendable is the fact that she reached the rank despite facing stream snipers. 'Stream sniper' is a term used for players who use external information in-game when playing against popular gamers/streamers, mainly by watching their livestreams.

Twitch streamer playing Riot's Valorant on stream (Images via Twitch/pokimane)
Twitch streamer playing Riot's Valorant on stream (Images via Twitch/pokimane)

Information such as player positioning and more in a game such as Valorant, a tactical 5v5 shooter game, plays a vital role in helping one win rounds, eventually winning the entire game.

Stream snipers exploit and take advantage of external information they derive from streams, making it extremely difficult for streamers to win games and rank up.

Even though it is hard to detect stream snipers due to various reasons, Riot Games is doing a decent job and trying to do their best to tackle this problem.

Interestingly, in some cases, blatant stream snipers who choose to continue down the same path have been punished and banned by the developers in the path.

Fans react to Pokimane's tweet appreaciting her achievement

The Twitch streamer shared her views on her achievement earlier today from her alternate Twitter handle. Unsurprisingly, fans and other content creators had high praise for her.

A few true Poki's fans shared their admiration by referring to her as "Queen" in their replies.

@imane So, like your career, you climbed the ranks while so many tried to hold you back. 👑 Queen

A few fans also pointed out that she won her most recent games on stream despite facing stream snipers, applauding her for the same.

@imane And still getting dubs ur cracked
@imane They were stream sniping and they still lost LULW

One fan praised her for the achievement and suggested she aim for Immortal, the next tier. She was previously Immortal in late 2021.

@imane let’s go!! road back to immortal 😎

While streaming has seen a recent upsurge in Fortnite content throughout the industry due to the "Zero Build" being implemented, fans of intense shooter titles and competitive games prefer Valorant.

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