Twitch streamer gets hilariously robbed by her cat on livestream

Twitch streamer gets robbed by an unexpected thief (Image via gourmetmei/Instagram)
Twitch streamer gets robbed by an unexpected thief (Image via gourmetmei/Instagram)
Vitasta Singh

In a rather interesting turn of events, Twitch streamer Meilyne "gourmetmei" got hilariously robbed by her cat on livestream. During her most recent cooking stream, one of her cats decided to make a special appearance and stole an $80 piece of fish that she was preparing for a meal.

Being entertaining and fun on livestreams is, of course, an essential factor in drawing more audience and viewership for a streamer. But embarrassing moments and hilarious failures are sometimes more popular than the usual livestreams.

gourmetmei's cat steals $80 fish on Twitch stream

For those who are unaware, gourmetmei is a budding Vietnamese streamer with over 14k followers on the purple platform. Besides the purple platform, she is also quite active on other social media handles such as Instagram and Twitter.

Interestingly, gourmetmei is a great cat lover and she has a lot of pet cats in her house. Moreover, she frequently posts cat pictures and videos on her social media handle, proving her love for these adorable little pets. However, as expected, cooking fish with cats is not an ideal choice. No amount of vigilance would keep her dish safe from her cats.

Recently, in her April 9, 2022 cooking stream, gourmetmei was cooking a fish meal on livestream. As she was facing away from the counter, her cat jumped into view and started poking around the fish. When someone alerted Meilyne about the situation, she quickly turned around. However, her cat was much faster and ran off with the filet.

Moreover, everything was so sudden that the streamer could not do anything to save her meal from the cat. Fortunately, the streamer was later able to save her dish before the cat burglur could do any more damage. So, after finally rescuing the main ingredient of the dish, she continued cooking and was able to enjoy the delicious fish meal.

It certainly takes a lot of pressure on streamers to do just the right things all the time in livestreams to avoid any kind of embarrassing moments. But despite all the carefulness, mistakes and funny accidents are bound to happen and there's absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.

Livestreams, as the name suggests, are streamed live and there is absolutely nothing anyone can cut from it. Once they're out, they're out for good. And that's precisely what happened with Twitch streamer gourmetmei when her cat stole the key ingredient.

Fans react to hilarious gourmetmei being the victim of a hilarious cat robbery

As expected, the hilarious incident elicited plenty of reaction from viewers on Reddit as well on Twitch. One Reddit user even joked about eating the cat instead of taking revenge.

While these kinds of hilarious incidents are a bit embarrassing for the streamer, they certainly add a touch of entertainment for the viewers, making livestreams much more entertaining than usual.

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