Watch: Twitch streamer TragicOnTwitch kicks her console after 30 hours of grinding a rare EarthBound item

A Twitch streamer aiming for 100% in EarthBound sadly cost herself the Gutsy Bat drop by kicking her console (Image via TragiconTwitch/Twitter)
A Twitch streamer aiming for 100% in EarthBound sadly cost herself the Gutsy Bat drop by kicking her console (Image via TragiconTwitch/Twitter)

Twitch streamer TragiconTwitch lived up to her name in a recent stream when tragedy unfortunately struck. The streamer had been grinding for hours to try and secure a rare item in EarthBound, the Gutsy Bat. It is only dropped by the Bionic Kraken at the end of the game. After 30 hours of grinding across multiple streams, the Kraken finally dropped the item for the streamer to collect.

Everything would have been fine, but tragically, the Twitch streamer kicked her SNES console and lost the item before she could claim it.

Twitch streamer denies herself rare EarthBound item

(Clip begins at 9:37:33)

The item in question, the Gutsy Bat, is a hidden weapon for Ness in EarthBound. It has a 1/128 chance of dropping, and since it’s the only item the Bionic Kraken drops, her grind was finally over. The Twitch streamer had fought 204 Krakens across her streams when this clip took place.

“204 Krakens, 204 Krakens, 204 Krakens!”

After receiving her EXP for defeating the monster, the notification for a present showed up on the screen, and the streamer gasped excitedly. After days of grinding, she was finally about to get the Gutsy Bat, but she kicked her console in all of the excitement. The screen went blue, and she laughed hard, despite admitting that it was her fault.

“I kicked it!”

The streamer laughed about it for some time but was clearly upset over the loss of all of that hard work, which had culminated in success, finally. The streamer played for a little longer, fighting another 13 Krakens, but sadly, she did not acquire the Gutsy Bat in the stream.

@TragicOnTwitch OH MY HELL... literally the worst!

It is a very difficult item to acquire, after all. Players just have to keep fighting encounters, hope that one is a Bionic Kraken, and also hope that it drops the item. If she wants to 100% the game, this is one of the items that must be farmed.

Social Media has sympathy for the Twitch streamer who lost her Gutsy Bat

The biggest fail of my streaming career and entire life occurred tonight. 30 hours destroyed in seconds.

According to a Redditor, the streamer in question was grinding Bionic Krakens across four streams and over 30 hours of gameplay. Out of all of the items in the game, it was the very last one she needed to 100% the game. That only makes the events that unfolded all the more tragic.

Some were unaware that EarthBound even had rare items like this, but there are 17. For the main characters of the game there’s the Gutsy Bat, Gaia Beam, Magic Fry Pan, and Sword of Kings.

One Redditor referenced a few classic GamesDoneQuick moments by referring to GrandPooBear. The streamer in this Reddit post is well-known for accidentally kicking the console at the speedrunning event on at least one occasion.

Another user was reminded of when they played competitive Overwatch and would accidentally kick their power button on the PlayStation 4. Not a fond memory, but one similar, for certain.

The streamer also posted the clip to her Twitter account, calling it the biggest fail of her entire streaming career and her whole life. Several of her viewers came out to show support and say she handled the entire thing pretty well.

@TragicOnTwitch I'd say you handled it really well! I'd have probably sworn fairly violently. 😅
@darabidduckie After I processed what happened, it turned into depression lolol I had to go through the stages of grief
@CeeWonX i'm literally crying watching this back lmao

One user tried to cheer the streamer up and said that the present clearly didn’t have the Gutsy Bat inside, but the Twitch streamer knew that it was the only item the monster dropped, so it would have been the end of her item grinding.

@TragicOnTwitch @TheJewker At least we all know that present didn't have the Gutsy Bat inside it.
@AwesomePhone @TheJewker It's the only thing that enemy can drop so it 100% had that inside it 😭

EarthBound is a classic RPG and one of the best in the SNES’ entire library. However, grinding some of the items in it can be incredibly frustrating. It’s truly tragic that this streamer grinded for several days, only to ruin it for herself, but it did create a comical, memorable moment for her content going forward.

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