Undetected Infiltration Genshin Impact quest guide: Get a secret achievement

The Undetected Infiltration quest (Image via mercy)
The Undetected Infiltration quest (Image via mercy)

Genshin Impact 2.6 has a ton of new world quests for players to complete, and some of them even have mini-quests within them. The Undetected Infiltration quest is one of these sub-quests that will activate while fans are completing the Millennial Mountains world quest.

Fans will need to complete this quest as it hides one of the offerings they'll need, and they can grab some easy rewards while doing so. The quest is quite short and will reward fans with plenty of items, so they'll want to make sure they get it out of the way.

Guide for Genshin Impact's The Undetected Infiltration quest


To begin this quest, Genshin Impact players will need to head to Glaze Peak. There, they can find a bunch of huts where Treasure Hoarders have made their campsite. After defeating them, they will unlock the Undetected Infiltration sidequest, and they'll need to complete it for another big quest in The Chasm. Luckily, this quest is quite short, so fans won't have any trouble finishing it. Here's a quick guide.

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1) Talk to Yanbo at the Smuggler's Camp

Yanbo is located here (Image via YouTube/Wow Quests)
Yanbo is located here (Image via YouTube/Wow Quests)

After speaking to Yanbo initially at the Treasure Hoarder shacks, he will move to another location called the Smuggler's Camp. Luckily, there is a teleport waypoint right next to him, making getting there much easier.

Fans can then speak to Yanbo, and he will relay to them his plans and the areas of interest nearby. Genshin Impact fans can then choose which area they want to clear out first, setting them off to defeat more Treasure Hoarders.

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2) Clear out the Logistic Camps

I haven't beaten up that many treasure hoarders in a hot minute phewwwww

Players will then be set loose to wreak havoc on the Treasure Hoarder camps as they defeat all of the foes nearby. There are three main camps, and players will need to clear out all of these enemies who have taken residence in the area. Some of them may be tougher than others, as there are two main boss Treasure Hoarders who can put up a serious fight. Still, with a strong Genshin Impact team, these foes shouldn't be any trouble.

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3) Speak to Yanbo, who is now wearing a Millelith Uniform

Genshin Impact World quest: "Undetected Infiltration"I wanted to find domain and instead started quest with YanboI forgot that he said us to help him dealing with treasure hoarders and FatuiOverall it was short, but conversation in the end about vision holders was great

Once all the enemies are defeated, players can return to Yanbo, who has now switched to a Millelith Uniform. He will speak to them about their reward, along with some other topics, including information about the Millelith. Once he is done talking, fans will gain 30 Primogems, along with an achievement named Well Done, Stierlitz! This achievement will grant them five Primogems, and fans can then turn around and pick up the Precious Chest that has spawned nearby. This chest holds a key item for another nearby quest, and fans won't want to miss it.

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Genshin Impact 2.6's quests come in many forms, and this quick quest can provide a ton of great rewards in a small amount of time.

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