Valkyrae leaks YouTube earnings, leaves Twitter in awe

Image via Valkyrae/YouTube
Image via Valkyrae/YouTube

Valkyrae leaked her earnings for the past month in a recent stream, and unsurprisingly, she is making a lot of money.

The leak, which Esports Talk reported, happened during her stream in which she accidentally flashed her YouTube analytics while she was changing tabs. Valkyrae closed the tab quickly and perhaps didn't notice, but of course, eagle-eyed viewers clipped the moment and saw the earnings she had made in the last 28 days.

For this month, she is at $172,908 earned within 28 days. She also had some fantastic numbers to boast when it comes to views and time watched. Valkyrae's views for the month are at 36.4 million, while her time watched is sitting at 8.4 million total hours watched.

It's clear that the CPM or Cost Per Mille is at or near a high for the popular streamer. The money she makes from YouTube is based on every 1,000 impressions for the most part, so that $172,000 says a lot about her popularity.

Valkyrae's rise in popularity and the worth of content creators


Valkyrae has had a fantastic year for growth and numbers. It's no surprise that she is worth what she is now, and it's more than likely that she's at or near the million-dollar mark. Last year, Valkyrae joined 100 Thieves, showing her continued success.

As 2020 opened up, Valkyrae signed an exclusive deal with YouTube. She left Twitch and began to stream and upload videos exclusively on the Google-owned platform. From there, she continued to skyrocket and quickly became one of, if not the most, popular female streamers in the world.

Among Us is another aspect of her content this year that has allowed the 28-year-old to gain so much popularity. Valkyrae has continued to play with other content creators like Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, and Corpse Husband. Their videos are widely popular and garner plenty of attention on social media and YouTube.

Most recently, Valkyrae was featured in this year's Game Awards. She was nominated for content creator of the year and took home the award. Valkyrae beat out other streamers like Nickmercs and TimTheTatman for the gong.

Awards like this have undoubtedly boosted her popularity even more, and her numbers leak seems to confirm her stream's trajectory. She certainly has a while to go before she hits numbers like Shroud and Ninja have, but it looks like she may not be too far off.

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