Valkyrae reveals the Among Us role that she is the best with

On stream, Valkyrae showed off her hiding skills with the Engineer in Among Us (Image via Twitter)
On stream, Valkyrae showed off her hiding skills with the Engineer in Among Us (Image via Twitter)
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While on stream, Rachell "Valkyrae" played a modded version of Among Us with her friends and fellow streamers. This was part of their weekly Sussy Sundays Among Us stream.

When the game began and everyone was assigned their role, Rae got the Engineer role. What makes Engineers unique is that they are the only role that can use the vents to travel around the map, save for the impostors. She used this ability to advantage.

"I'm hiding, bro."

Valkyrae shows off her Engineer skills in Among Us


Rae played a new version of an Among Us mod that adds various extra roles to the game. The increased amount of roles and gameplay mechanics makes for a more complex, confusing and overall interesting game.

This was part of the Sussy Sundays Among Us stream and she was joined by Corpse Husband, Disguised Toast, Fuslie, Sykkuno and many more streamers.

In one game, she was selected as a crewmate and was given the Engineer role. Engineers are the only role that can use the vents placed around the map to move around without being an impostor.


The goal given to her was to maintain important systems on the space ship. Originally, she went to go do some of the tasks around the ship. However, she eventually decided the best course of action was to hide in the vents.

"I'm not getting out!"

She started hiding in the vents with the goal of spying on people. The YouTuber was able to figure out that Fuslie and BoxBox were two of the three impostors because she was also using the vents while he watched without reporting it.

She later revealed to the group that she was Engineer and used the information she gathered to get her voted out during an emergency meeting. BoxBox was soon voted out after.

JoblessGarrett, who also goes by the name GarryBlox on his gaming YouTube channel, watched Rae skip between the vents, seemingly waiting for her to pop out of the exit he was standing on.

This gave Valkyrae the impression that he was an impostor. She started popping out of each side of the vent, taunting the potential impostor.

"The impostor wants me so bad!"

It turned out that Garrett was not an impostor and was in fact the security guard. It turned out that Corpse was the last remaining impostor, having been discovered by LilyPichu after he killed Karl Jacobs.

After the game, Fuslie told Valkyrae she did a good job of figuring her and BoxBox out by using the vents to spy on them.

"You got me so good, Rae. I had no idea you were in there."

It turns out Valkyrae has a knack for espionage and intelligence gathering. Although she hardly attempted to complete her tasks, her skillset makes her a natural for the Engineer role in Among Us.

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