What actually made Corpse Husband's popularity blow up

Corpse Husband is a household name in 2022, but what helped him get where he is? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Corpse Husband is a household name in 2022, but what helped him get where he is? (Image via Sportskeeda)

With over seven million followers, Corpse Husband is easily one of the top names when it comes to YouTube content creation. He also has 1.1 million followers on Twitch, but the streamer seldom creates content on the purple platform.

A mysterious content creator whose face has never been seen, it seems Corpse Husband's popularity blew up overnight. But how did the streamer get to where he is today?

In this article, we look into Corpse Husband's background, his physical ailments, and how he got to be so well-known.


Who is Corpse Husband?

Corpse Husband is a YouTube content creator, musician, and story narrator who has been making content since 2015. It all began with narrating horror stories, something he did until 2020. In 2016, the streamer made his music debut with The Living Tombstone and Crusher P with the track Grim Grinning Ghost.

While he has been creating content for years, last year’s Among Us meta really saw the streamer blow up in popularity for a number of reasons, chief among them being that he worked on music with Machine Gun Kelly, and also streamed with some of the biggest names in the business.

But that's not all.

Real-life physical ailments became a benefit for the streamer


One of the things that helps a streamer really pick up steam is to have a special, unique feature. It's something that makes them stand out. For Corpse Husband, one of those things is his voice. Deep and mysterious, it really sounds quite remarkable.

While only in his early twenties, the streamer has the voice of someone much older, and it can sound unnatural or eerie to some. Regardless, it is his real voice, and it came about due to a medical condition: the streamer suffers from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).


The condition causes stomach acid to come up and irritate the vocal cords, causing the person's voice to change, growing deeper and raspier. While it is likely to be a painful or upsetting situation for many, Corpse Husband used it as an advantage.

Background in horror narration helps craft an unforgettable experience


Streamers also need to have the power to be compelling, to draw people in and keep them there. Corpse really got his start reading horror stories on YouTube, in particular, “true” scary stories.

The way Corpse Husband speaks, combined with his deep voice, makes the stories — no matter how grim or horrifying — almost hypnotic. He can even make these scary stories sound soothing to listen to, thanks to his unique voice. It draws people in and keeps them coming back for more.

He takes this experience and combines it with gaming content to keep his viewers entertained and become emotionally invested in what he’s doing.

The right place with the right people can help a streamer blow up


Corpse Husband had all the tools to be a megastar on YouTube or Twitch if he wanted, but sometimes, that’s not always enough. Being around the right people or being in streams with other famous streamers can certainly help.

Enter Among Us, a game that has rocketed quite a few streamers to the top of the charts. It is easy to play and lends itself well to livestreaming. Corpse is one of those that really blew up during the Among Us meta. Part of the reason behind it was that his voice was so instantly recognizable, it caught the interest of other creators.

This increasing popularity led to Corpse streaming with Jimmy Fallon, alongside Sykkuno and Valkyrae. It also helped that he streamed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar alongside other streamers as part of the get-out-the-vote initiative in 2020.


As with Corpse, when all these things come together, they help take someone with the right tools to attain fame and even rocket right to the top. While there is the occasional talk of Corpse Husband possibly abandoning content creation in order to pursue his love of music instead, for now, he’s a star, and the sky is the limit.

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