Valkyrae has a startling reaction after Sykkuno calls her a “random friend”

Valkyrae recently got annoyed at Sykkuno for calling her a "random friend." (Image via Arshad80899910, Twitter)
Valkyrae recently got annoyed at Sykkuno for calling her a "random friend." (Image via Arshad80899910, Twitter)
Rishabh B.

During a recent live stream, Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter produced a hilarious reaction when fellow Twitch streamer Thomas “Sykkuno” called her a “random friend.”

Sykkuno was streaming Valorant with multiple other notable streamers when one of his viewers asked him if he had created the match lobby. He responded by saying that it is not that big a deal, and he only had to text some “random friends” to set up the lobby.

This led to a hilarious reaction from Valkyrae, as she told Sykkuno how she made a public announcement about the stream on Twitter. Yvonne “Yvonnee” Ng and Seán “Jacksepticeye” William McLoughlin also joined in the banter and supported Valkyrae.


Valkyrae has a hilarious reaction when Sykkuno calls her a “random” friend

Sykkuno set up the Valorant lobby and invited multiple notable streamers. This included Leslie “Fuslie” Fu, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, Miyoung "Kkatamina" Kang, Yvonnie and Jacksepticeye.


Valkyrae, Yvonnie and Jacksepticeye were already in the lobby when one of Sykkuno’s viewers asked him who had set it up.

“Guys, guys it’s not big a thing I just messaged some random friends see if they were available and that was it.”

The streamer went on to speak about Valheim, and said that he might play the game in the future. Valkyrae interrupted the answer and asked the following in a hilariously threatening tone:

“What did you just say, Sykkuno? What did you just say? You guys wanna know what I just heard?”

Sykkuno pretended that Valkyrae was talking to someone else, and asked “if someone heard anything.” Meanwhile, Jacksepticeye encouraged Valkyrae to “expose him.” Sykkuno eventually asked her what it was that she heard.

Jacksepticeye had his own questions about what it was that Sykkuno had said.

“Did he say Benjamin in the house?”

The mystery was solved when Valkyrae revealed what she had heard.

“Sykkuno, I don’t know what I heard…He invited random friends to a random lobby. So f***ed up. Are we random friends?”

Valkyrae began shouting and went on an almost incoherent rant.

“Why would you? Hold my earrings. Hold my feet. Hold my hands. Hold my wrist. Hold my back. Hold my back. Listen, Sykkuno, I literally tweeted that you, I made a public announcement that Sykkuno has invited me to play a game today and put the whole lobby together and I am real proud.”

However, Sykkuno suggested that his friends already know that he has fun while playing with them.

“I did, I did that. Well Rae, what do you want me to say? That I specifically picked people who are fun to play with? What if someone’s not here then they feel you know, awkward. Besides you guys already know that don’t you?

Valkyrae appeared content with his response, and said that she sometimes likes to hear “words of affirmation.”

“Well now we do. You know we might need words of affirmation type of people well we have to hear it.”

Sykkuno went on to complement Yvonnie over her “battle cries” and told Valkyrae that she is “very affirmed.” The two streamers have become close friends in recent months due to a plethora of Among Us streams that they regularly collaborate for. Valkyrae even drove for “four hours” to get to Vegas to meet Sykkuno.

Valkyrae has often commented on the friendship that she shares with the streamer and recently got annoyed with a “fake Sykkuno” when he donated $500 during one of her streams. For more information about the incident, the following article can be read.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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