Valkyrae stuns in "Daywalker" music video ft Corpse Husband and Machine Gun Kelly 

Valkyrae in Daywalker
Valkyrae in Daywalker
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

After a highly-anticipated teaser, the music video of Corpse Husband and Machine Gun Kelly's latest song, "Daywalker," has finally released with Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter's electrifying appearance leaving fans in absolute awe.

Corpse Husband, the 23-yea-old faceless sensation, recently announced his arrival onto the big stage in a dream collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly.

Titled "Daywalker," the trippy song has proved to be a massive hit with fans already, having raked in millions of streams online.

This time around, Corpse Husband had something special lined up on his sleeve with an official music video in the works.

His close friend and fellow streamer Valkyrae recently teased her possible involvement in the music video, which sent fans into a meltdown.

Looking at the initial reactions online, it looks like her tease proved to be prophetic. Her cosplay as Corpse Husband sent fans into a collective frenzy online.

"Valkyrae Supremacy": Twitter left in awe of Corpse Husband x MGK's Daywalker Music Video


Post his meteoric rise streaming Among Us; Corpse Husband has also garnered fame for developing his own brand of music. He's already produced hits such as "Agoraphobic" and "E-Girls are ruining my life."

His interactions with several bigwigs of the music industry like Halsey, Yungblud, and Lil Nas X have led to further rumors of a full-time music career in the works.

The 23-year-old's recent collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly could prove to be a potential game-changer, given the artist's immense influence in the genres of Hip-Hop and Rap.

The recent music video seemed has to qualify as the pinnacle of his music career, as fans gushed over the immersive vibes of the visual production.

From featuring a hypnotic performance by Machine Gun Kelly to the surprise reveal of Valkyrae playing the role Corpse Husband. Valkyrae was replete with a latex suit and red bionic eye akin to DC's Cyborg.

The superhero references are hard to miss, with a dash of Catwoman and The Joker also thrown into the mix. The sight of Valkyrae effortlessly cosplaying as Corpse Husband while mouthing his verse left scores of fans in disbelief and delirium.

In response to her explosive appearance, fans were quick to react on Twitter.

Here are some of the best reactions to the video and particularly Valkyrae's surprise appearance:

As reactions continue to come in thick and fast, fans are still coming to terms with Corpse Husband choosing Valkyrae to portray him. This is a testament to their wholesome friendship.

Move over Corpse Husband and Machine Gun Kelly, for Valkyrae's reign seems to have just begun.

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