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Valorant devs respond to India server launch date query, say servers will go fully live in two weeks

Indian Valorant servers are on the way and will be arriving in just two weeks.
Indian Valorant servers are on the way and will be arriving in just two weeks.
Modified 02 Oct 2020, 11:17 IST

Indian Valorant players have been facing severe latency problems on the SEA servers for some time now. 

In a Reddit post by 'TwoGauls,' which headlines, "Anybody else having random ping problems this week?" Valorant fans, including the Indian players (who're stuck on the SEA servers), have commented on how bad the ping has been in Valorant ever since the patch 1.09 update.

One Reddit even traced the issue all the way back to patch 1.07 and writes that "If any riot employees are reading, I don't think that this issue is related to a certain patch, I have had this issue from about patch 1.07, which was a month ago. Before, I used to get a maximum of 30 ping. Now I get sudden spikes of up to 150 ping. These spikes either occur randomly throughout the whole game or never in that game. Also, I just want to say that I have played a lot of games, and riot devs are by far the best devs when it comes to communicating and transparency. I play on xfinity."

A Valorant dev who goes by the Reddit handle of ArmiesofZNight, commented in the thread by asking, "What ISP are you playing from? Also, do you know what day it started for you?"

To this, a Valorant fan replied by saying, "SEA server. Jio fiber. From 72 ping in the past two months to 100+ ping. Please run a maintainable on the servers often.. the desync makes it frustrating and unplayable."

Now, Reliance's Jio fiber is not the only ISP that has been treating Valorant players to severe ping problems in the SEA servers. BSNL, Alliance Broadband, Wishnet, and even Airtel have been a nuisance for many in the nation.

So the fault is perhaps not on the side of the Indian ISPs but rather with Riot's servers themselves.

"ArmiesofZNight" replied to the Jio Fibre user by asking, When did you notice increased ping? Do you happen to know the day you noticed the increase? Do you happen to know which server shows up with the lowest ping for you (if you look in the custom game drop-down list)? Based on the ISP, I would guess Singapore, but want to be sure i'm checking the right routing."

And the player who goes by the handle of FINISHERTXTO says that the ping issue started from around patch 1.06.

Incoming Valorant India servers in Mumbai will be solving the ping issue


Valorant SEA servers before or after the sudden ping issue did always give Indian players high latency no matter which part of the nation they were playing from.

And there has been some big news regarding the launch of the Indian Mumbai servers, as Riot Asia is finally testing the servers in the region. 

The servers did go live early in the morning today, but only for some time. The players were able to experience some never seen before latency numbers.

The ping seen by some Valorant players were incredibly low, and there was hardly anyone with above 60 latency, which is a first for the region. However, the servers are not yet fully live.

In a Reddit post by Heretmrwbig that reads, "Mumbai servers are now live!", ArmiesofZNight responds by saying:

Just as a heads up, these are not fully live just yet. We're doing some small scale tests over the next couple weeks, so you may see it pop in and out of availability. We're basically making sure our connections and routing with main ISPs are working correctly. Today's showed some player isp's routing people through Singapore and then back to Mumbai, for example--not great for ping. We're getting closer and will have a firm live date soon.
Screengrab from Reddit
Screengrab from Reddit

The Indian servers are very likely to be up and running in 2 weeks' time, and it really does mean a lot for Valorant's competitive scene in the nation.

Published 02 Oct 2020, 11:17 IST
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