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Valorant: Riot Games developer reveals why patch v1.11 was infested with bugs

Image Credits - Riot Games
Image Credits - Riot Games
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 04 Nov 2020, 00:59 IST

Valorant Episode 1 - Act III Patch v1.11 did not go according to plan for Riot Games.

Not only was the update rolled out during an ongoing Valorant First Strike Tournament, but it also included several Agent changes that affected the meta. However, the highlight of patch v1.11 is undoubtedly all the bugs that it brought to the game. 

While this new patch v1.11 introduced Skye in Valorant, it also brought along several changes for Agents like Cypher, Killjoy and Breach. Along with this, Riot Games gave the fans a new economic ruleset to follow as well.

Riot Nu, Principal Software Engineer at Riot Games, recently took to Twitter, explaining the obstacles that were faced by the Valorant development team with Patch v1.11. Players like Steel, from 100 Thieves, posted clips of in-game glitches that occurred if players were caught in a flash or entered a cloud of smoke. 

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Riot Games Principal Software Engineer speaks about Valorant patch v1.11 bugs


These glitches were mostly occurring with Omen's smokes and Paranoia. While the clip posted by Steel showed a 3D schematic of Sage, others reported complete blackouts on their screen. 

That was just the beginning, as patch v1.11 brought several new bugs that affected the Agents, as well as the UI. For instance, Valorant players reported that clicking on the Career or Collection Tabs froze the game. 

There was also a hilarious micro-stutter in the game that forced players to miss their kill shots in Valorant. Usually, the bullet did not register, causing a desync that players were complaining about. 

Although patch 1.11 was rolled back shortly after it was released, it showed Riot Games what they needed to do in order to fix things in Valorant. The inclusion of a new Agent is always fascinating, but this comes with the cost of having new bugs in the game. 

After the release of Icebox, players started noticing a glitch that allowed Omen to teleport between structures. @RiotNu was quite concerned about the bugs which reached the players. 

He mentions, "Shortly after the 1.11 patch went out, we started receiving reports of issues with smokes and nearsight effects. Big thanks to @EthanBenard, @JoshNissan, and @Hiko for sharing video immediately. We're tremendously appreciative for help tracking down issues we miss."
Furthermore, Riot Nu said, "Creating a new character from scratch is slow -- potentially tens of milliseconds. To put that in perspective, at 200 FPS each frame is only 5 ms. Building a new character is potentially multiple frames of work by itself...Now that we have all the pieces involved, we can talk about what actually happened. We turned on fast respawn in bomb game mode in 1.11, and we missed the critical interaction between fast respawn and the Singularity finisher."

According to the developers' team, the Singularity Finisher was one of the elements causing the bugs in Valorant. Riot Nu goes on to mention,

"In the updated 1.11 build we've turned respawn off in bomb game mode to mitigate this issue. In 1.12 we're adjusting the implementation of the Singularity finisher and fast respawn will reset nearsight meshes. This will fix Spike Rush."

Thus, players experiencing these glitches in Valorant can be assured that Riot Games will implement a fix. Simultaneously, game developers addressing these issues on social media is a relief for the Valorant community. This shows how much Valorant developers care about community interactions and feedback. 

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Published 04 Nov 2020, 00:59 IST
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