Valorant: Riot officially announces new Agent Skye

Valorant's newest agent Syke was teased by the developers showcasing her abilities (Image credit: Epic Games)
Modified 08 Oct 2020

Valorant is slowly building the hype around the next update, and it seems like they are going to reveal more things every day until Act 3 goes live. Syke - the newest healing-based agent, was showcased in a cinematic by Riot Games.

Syke's abilities were leaked yesterday, and it left the community disheartened, as the new agent was not officially showcased by the developers first. Moreover, several investigations might take place, as this could be the cause of an internal individual's fault.

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However, the developers showcased a great cinematic which made up for the damage of the leak, thereby giving insights to the lore of Valorant, and revealing her abilities being used in a real match.

Syke is everything that the Valorant community wished to see in an agent

The Valorant community had quite a few complaints regarding the state of the game - Sage being nerfed to the ground, being the only team-healer in the game currently, and of course the one-shoting beast of a gun - the Operator.

Even though Riot Morello has hinted at a new healing-based agent coming to the game, Syke is so much more than a traditional healer. She adds an alternative option to the list of healer agents in the game, and her 'E: ability Guiding Light' allows her to bring out a bird, which can be activated and guided at any moment during her cast to flash enemies from any angle.

If you haven't figured it out already, it offers a direct counter to the Operators as showcased in her cinematic, as she can easily blind a camper Operator player and eliminate them easily. She has an AOE (Area of Effect) heal ability, which has quite a big radius to heal her allies in the game, and would be great to hold sites after planting the spike.


Apart from her stunning abilities which make her so much versatile, her lore was also displayed, as she was in the jungle talking to Sage about the potential threat that has struck the Valorant world. It would be interesting to see the lore theories for this Australian agent in the coming days.

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Published 08 Oct 2020, 21:59 IST
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