Vocalist analyzes Corpse Husband's voice and comes up with an interesting revelation

Corpse Husband's voice is due to a medical condition (Image Credits: Demontaxii
Corpse Husband's voice is due to a medical condition (Image Credits: Demontaxii
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Recently, Vocalist David Larson analyzed Corpse Husband’s deep and mysterious voice and came up with quite a few interesting observations.

Corpse Husband’s voice has been at the center of a lot of attention from different spheres of the internet. On one hand, internet personalities and streamers have been blown away after hearing him, while on the other, it has allowed him to eke out a musical career on Spotify.

YouTuber David Larson talked about how Corpse Husband’s voice is one of the most unique ones that he has ever heard, and compared it to some prominent bassists of the past. The YouTuber had quite a few interesting observations to make, and said that Corpse Husband’s voice is “remarkable and unnatural.”


Vocalist analyzes Corpse Husband’s voice, makes multiple interesting observations

In the video that that can be seen below, the YouTuber talked about Corpse Husband’s voice, and the kind of effect that it has had on other internet personalities/streamers.

Corpse Husband has been playing Among Us with quite a few streamers over the past few months, leading to multiple new friendships and accelerated growth on YouTube, where he only recently crossed the 6-million subscriber mark.


The YouTuber compared Corpse Husband’s voice with prominent bassists of the past, including J.D. Summer, Tim Storms, Richard Sterban, and Peter Cullen. While Richard Sterban has worked with some prominent musicians including legend Elvis Presley, Peter Cullen is the voice behind the iconic “Optimus Prime” from the Transformers animated series.

However, David Larson thought that Corpse Husband’s voice is more remarkable as most other people who have had similar tones and depth were around twice his age. Corpse Husband is only 23, according to sources, and the YouTuber was left with the impression that his voice is a result of something “unnatural,” which of course, he isn’t wrong about.


Corpse Husband suffers from Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which results in stomach acid coming up to the esophagus which in turn can irritate the vocal chords and cause the person’s voice to get deeper or raspier over time.

David Larson was of the opinion that it is his medical condition that has lent such “unnatural depth” to Corpse Husband’s voice. According to him, his vocal chords are not just irritated due to the influx of stomach acid, but they are also more “closer together” than they should be due to being “swollen.”


Moreover, David Larson also believes that Corpse Husband’s voice is bound to get “grittier” over time, as his vocal chords will continue to scar as a result of the acid reflux from his stomach. The YouTuber talked about how Corpse Husband has potential to use his voice for other avenues such as voice acting in the future - something that he thought would be a perfect use for the “skills” that he possesses.

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