Warzone Season 5 Reloaded: What is the new Loadout drop glitch?

Loadout drop glitch in Warzone Season 5 (Images via Activision)
Loadout drop glitch in Warzone Season 5 (Images via Activision)

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded is finally underway. This time around, players got to see new game modes, weapons, operators and more added to the game with the mid-season update. The update initially arrived on Playstation and Xbox systems and was pushed to PC platforms later on.

Reactions from fans so far have been positive to this update. While distrupting the meta by a bit, it also introduced a new game mode on Rebirth Island called 'Resurgence Supreme'.

As players were having fun in the mode, they discovered a new Loadout Drop glitch which allows them to get the drop package flying through the sky to a different location on the map.

In this article, the glitch will be discussed in detail along with the procedure to successfully execute it.

Everything players need to know about Warzone's new Loadout drop glitch


As seen in the clip above, the new glitch allows players to shoot the drop package across the map. Streamer LuckyChamu can be seen launching the package in the air and repositioning it to a different area. While this glitch can be fun to use, it certainly isn't beneficial in the game.

Some have argued that players can exploit this glitch to launch the package out of reach for enemy players, like launching it outside the zone or out of the map's accessible areas. While that might work sometimes, it isn't guaranteed to drop in at a certain location where players want it to land.

How to accomplish the Loadout drop glitch?

To use this glitch, players will need two things - a launcher like Strela-P and a Loadout drop package. If everything is in order, follow the steps below:

1) First, proceed to the Loadout drop package. Once near it, get close to the drop and aim for any of the corners using your launcher.

2) Make sure the center of your Launcher's reticle is slightly above the edges as seen in the clip.

3) Once you have aligned your reticle correctly with the corners, proceed to fire your launcher. This will launch the drop package up in the air and make it land in a different area.

It isn't necessary to use a Strela-P as the launcher, but it makes it easier to aim and shoot. Even though the process looks simple and doesn't involve much, it's certainly difficult to execute and will take a couple of tries.

The end of Call of Duty: Warzone 1.0?

Warzone Season 5 brings an end to one of the most played and beloved battle royale games ever made. This is the final major update prior to Modern Warfare 2's release, post which the developers will focus intensively on Warzone 2.0.


While online sources suggest that even though the game will stop receiving Battle Passes and Seasons, it will continue receiving quality of life updates and DLCs.

As the title reaches the end of its journey, players are now eagerly waiting for Warzone 2.0 to launch this November 16, 2022.

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