Watch: Ninja gets the better of professional poker player during $1,000,000 poker tournament

Ninja gets the better of professional poker player during $1,000,000 poker tournament (Image via- Sportskeeda)
Ninja gets the better of professional poker player during $1,000,000 poker tournament (Image via- Sportskeeda)

The hype around Ludwig's $1,000,000 poker tournament reached new heights as Fortnite star Ninja (Tyler Blevins) got the better of a professional poker player. Earlier yesterday, much to the excitement of the streaming community, Ludwig announced Ninja as a last minute addition to the long list of online personalities in his poker tournament.

With $1 million up for grabs and a list of well-known faces from both the poker and streaming community, like xQc, Alexandra Botez, Tom Dwan, and Phil Hellmuth, it's no surprise that there were some thrilling and exciting moments during the livestream. One of which was Tyler getting insanely lucky in a heads-up with poker pro, Hellmuth.

Ninja celebrates his victory against 16 times WSOP bracelet winner, Phil Hellmuth

In an interesting turn of events, 16 times WSPO bracelet winner Hellmuth ended up in a heads-up situation with Fortnite star Ninja. However, unexpectedly, things didn't work out well for Hellmuth, as Tyler was insanely lucky, making it one of the greatest moments in poker's livestream history. Here's what happened.

One of the greatest moments in poker livestream history...16-time WSOP bracelet winner @phil_hellmuth vs #1 all-time Twitch streamer @Ninja "I'll s*** a d*** for a 10"

At one point in the game, Tyler ended up in a head-on situation with Hellmuth, creating an intense showdown between the two. As Jack, King and Queen were already on the table, it was safe to say that Tyler was eventually going to have to fold (with only two sevens). Whereas Hellmuth already had three Jacks, making him the clear winner in this situation.

But surprisingly, in a stroke of extraordinary luck, the final card that landed on the river was a ten, making them simply split the pot. So, there were no real world or game consequences for anyone.

After getting the results, Tyler leaped out of seat and screamed in excitement (quoting Leonardo DiCaprio's iconic line from The Wolf Of Wall Street):

"I’m not f*cking leaving!”

After sitting down, he hilariously ground his teeth with delight at Hellmuth. It goes without saying but, Ninja's final look at Hellmuth is one of the most iconic clips on the internet today.

Fans react to the iconic moment when Ninja score a win against Phil Hellmuth

As expected, this epic moment elicited tons of reaction from viewers. One Twitter user even joked about Hellmuth being on the verge of breaking down into tears. Naturally, who wouldn't love to see Hellmuth go weak on his knees and that too in poker?

@HCLPokerShow @phil_hellmuth @Ninja Magic the dealer cracking up at @Ninja comments add to tilting @phil_hellmuth on a runner runner #Broadway chop makes this hand even more epic.
@HCLPokerShow @phil_hellmuth @Ninja 😂hellmuth is Stunned haha gotta love it. Looks like a true home game but with bigger stakes .I enjoy it
@Bambr0ugh @HCLPokerShow @jaimestaples @phil_hellmuth @Ninja Love it 😂. I’m going to rewatch the whole thing mate, I’ve seen bits of it and it’s insanity. Phil looking silly for most of it, as per.
@HCLPokerShow @phil_hellmuth @Ninja The dealer laughing is everything
@HCLPokerShow @phil_hellmuth @Ninja Easily the best moment of the whole stream lol
@HCLPokerShow @phil_hellmuth @Ninja top 5 moment in poker history
@HCLPokerShow @jaimestaples @phil_hellmuth @Ninja God, it gets more beautiful everytime.

As both Mr.Beast and Alexandra Botez were crowned as the winners of this epic night, Ludwig's nine-hour-long poker tournament was a big hit. While there were many moments worth remembering during the entire livestream, Tyler's reaction to his final card remains at the top.

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