What to expect from Capcom at E3 2021?

Capcom attending E3 2021 with a huge arsenal of possible features (Image via Capcom)
Capcom attending E3 2021 with a huge arsenal of possible features (Image via Capcom)

Capcom is attending E3 2021, and here are all the announcements fans of the Japanese publisher are expecting.

Capcom has been an integral part of the gaming industry for a long time, creating evergreen titles like the Resident Evil franchise, Dragon’s Dogma, the Street Fighter series and many more. Their latest release, Monster Hunter Rise, took the video game market by storm, with record sales in its first week.

After last year’s cancelation of E3 due to the global pandemic, fans have been eagerly waiting for E3 2021 which is scheduled for June. Like any other year, Sony will skip E3 this year as well. But faces like Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Capcom, SEGA, Nintendo, etc., will make their presence felt.

With several games lined up, Capcom fans are super excited for the world’s biggest digital gaming expo, E3 2021.

Capcom’s anticipated features at E3 2021

Two of the most popular and anticipated titles from Capcom this year are Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Since the release of Resident Evil Village on May 7th, the game has seen record sales globally.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is the sequel to the previous Monster Hunter Stories and a spin-off title to the Monster Hunter series released in 2004. The game is set to release on 9th July for both the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.

Apart from these two titles, Capcom is yet to reveal what titles they have in store for their fans in the coming E3 2021. However, some reliable leaks have given fans a good idea of what to expect this year.

Among the titles that are expected to get a feature at E3 2021, some of the most anticipated ones are:

Resident Evil Village DLC

Resident Evil Village (Image via Capcom)
Resident Evil Village (Image via Capcom)

On 7th May, the latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise was released by Capcom for their fans. Following the usual trend of Capcom, they often release playable DLCs for existing games at E3.

Just like Resident Evil 7, fans of the franchise are hopeful for a Resident Evil Village DLC as well come E3 2021. Capcom might even feature a Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, which will contain both the base game and the DLCs.

Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma (Image via Capcom)
Dragon's Dogma (Image via Capcom)

One of Capcom's most successful titles is Dragon’s Dogma. Dragon’s Dogma recently received a Netflix anime adaptation which raised some speculation regarding the potential release of the next iteration of the game.


This year being the 9th anniversary of the release of Dragon’s Dogma, fans remain hopeful for an expected feature.

The creator of both Dragon’s Dogma and Devil May Cry, Hideaki Itsuno, teased the fans stating that his next game is in the works. Following a recent leak, which indicated the release of Dragon’s Dogma in the second quarter of 2022, fans remain hopeful for E3 2021.

Resident Evil Outbreak

Resident Evil Outbreak (Image via Capcom)
Resident Evil Outbreak (Image via Capcom)

A recent leak confirmed Capcom’s wishes of making Resident Evil an annual franchise, as the leak confirms a new Resident Evil game is in the works. After Resident Evil Village, in all probabilities, the next installment is going to be Resident Evil Outbreak.


The game is a Nintendo Switch exclusive title, which according to the prominent leaker Dusk Golem, is targetted to be released in the fourth quarter of this year. With the release date being this close, E3 2021 seems to be a perfect fit for a possible feature of the game.


Capcom's mysterious IP, Pragmata (Image via Capcom)
Capcom's mysterious IP, Pragmata (Image via Capcom)

Pragmata has been a mystery in the gaming industry, being mistakenly assumed to be Hideo Kojima’s next game. Last year at Sony’s event The Future of Gaming, Capcom revealed that it’s their next game in development.

Apart from Pragmata being a sci-fi dystopian adventure game, no further information has been provided to the fans. However, according to a recent announcement, Pragmata has been delayed until 2023, which has dampened the mood surrounding the game.

The game is a new IP from Capcom, set in a next-gen world. E3 2021 would be the best place to provide further details on the game’s development.

Additional features to be expected

Apart from the games listed above, Capcom could still bring a few more titles for a possible feature at E3 2021. After Capcom’s tireless dedication towards Street Fighter 5 for five long years, fans can expect to get news on Street Fighter 6. However, Capcom has not mentioned anything regarding this.

In other news, a recent leak suggested a Resident Evil 4 remake is being targeted for release in the fourth quarter of 2022. So, E3 2021 makes absolute sense for the game to receive an anticipated feature from Capcom.

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