What happens when you reach maximum Adventure Rank (AR60) in Genshin Impact?

AR60 is the final step (Image via Genshin Impact)
AR60 is the final step (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact players are reaching Adventure Rank 60 more often as the game progresses, and it remains the endpoint of their journey through the AR system. Earning this rank brings some big rewards, but it is also the last stop for users as they increase their level, which has strange effects on their accounts.

Those starting to get close to the AR60 mark will want to know what happens before they get there to prepare for this huge milestone. Fans can find out all the effects of reaching AR60 here.

Genshin Impact: What happens when you reach AR60


The AR60 barrier in Genshin Impact was reached almost a year ago by some of the game's most dedicated whales, but it will arrive in a few months for most normal gamers. This goal was once thought to be impossible to reach, as when the game released, Adventure Rank EXP gaining was relatively minimal, and fans didn't have much hope of getting higher levels.

The day has arrived!!! AR60!!!

Now, quite a few players have reached the AR60 cap, and they are reaping the rewards of maxing out their levels. There are some significant benefits to being at AR60, and the primary one is the EXP to Mora conversion bonus.

This bonus turns any Adventure Rank EXP that users gain past AR60 directly into Mora, which can help money issues.

Hit AR60! I could have gotten this about a week ago if I blew though 2.6, but decided not to.I rolled the standard fates that were given to me as a reward and I got Noelle, which is fitting, because that's the first character you're guaranteed. #ๅŽŸ็ฅž #GenshinImapct

Once gamers reach Adventure Rank 60, they will gain the final set of AR rewards, which consists of:

  • 150 Primogems
  • 3 Acquaint Fates
  • 2 Fragile Resin
  • 30 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 21 Heroes Wit

This is the last time that fans can currently gain these rewards, which is a shame as these rewards were pretty substantial. Past this point, all the EXP that players get will contribute towards their Mora count, which will provide them with around 1500 Mora per day.

im crine like these are the ar60 rewards like u could grind this in a day๐Ÿ˜ญ

It's uncertain whether future Adventure Rank levels will be implemented, though users would definitely benefit from them. It takes over 300 thousand Adventure Rank EXP to reach level 60, so getting AR61 would take quite a bit longer.

If future levels are introduced in upcoming updates, gamers will definitely have to complete tons of content to reach the next cap.


They won't need to worry about the game getting harder at AR60, as once players reach the cap, not much really changes. The only real significant change is the EXP to Mora bonus, but otherwise, things progress as usual. It can be tempting to stop doing daily commissions once this cap is reached, but the Primogems they offer remain a valuable reward.

Genshin Impact's max level doesn't really change all that much about the game, so fans don't need to worry.

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