Ho-Oh's weaknesses in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
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With Ho-Oh back in Pokemon GO Raids for a limited time, players are going to need to know how to beat it.

The fire/flying type legendary rainbow Pokemon has some typical weaknesses. It is not invincible and players can beat it with the right type of advantage.


The fire typing makes it weak to water and rock type. The flying typing makes Ho-Oh weak to electric and rock. That means Pokemon GO creatures with rock moves will do double the effectiveness.

What are Ho-Oh's weaknesses and counters in Pokemon GO?

Image via JTGily
Image via JTGily

Pokemon GO trainers will only have a short amount of time to battle Ho-Oh in raids. What makes it even harder is that each chance will not always end in a successful catch.

That is why players need their best team to beat Ho-Oh as quick as possible, catch it, and move on to the next raid. It has several weaknesses that many Pokemon can take advantage of.

The most suitable Pokemon for defeating Ho-Oh are Rhyperior and Rampardos. Choosing a rock Pokemon with rock type moves will not only do double the damage, but it will also add STAB damage.

STAB stands for Same Type Attack Bonus. This means that if a water type is using a water move, it gets a boost to the attack since they are matching types. A STAB bonus for rock types, in this instance, is invaluable.

The move choices best used against Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO are Smack Down, Rock Slide, or Stone Edge. A variety of Pokemon can learn one, if not both, of these moves.

Tyranitar, Terrakion, Aggron, and Golem are also great options if Rampardos or Rhyperior are not available. Simply jump into a raid, make sure it has several other trainers, and attack. Soon enough, Ho-Oh will be defeated with a chance to catch it. and a chance for it to be shiny.

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