What are Landorus' weaknesses in Pokemon GO?

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Now that Pokemon GO has started releasing the Forces of Nature from Generation V, everyone’s looking for ways to deal with these powerful menaces. Landorus might be the toughest of the trio.

With 289 Attack, Landorus is a looming threat to most of the meta. Mud Shot into Earthquake does a huge amount of DPS. It also happens to be a Raid boss at the time of writing, so it’s going to take some strong Pokemon and partners to bring it down.

The good news is that trainers can possibly get their hands on this powerhouse if they can bring Pokemon to counter it.

Here are the best strategies to use against Landorus.

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What are Landorus' weaknesses in Pokemon GO?

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Ice-type Pokemon are the bane to Landorus’ existence. Landorus is both Ground-type and Flying-type; both of which are weak to Ice. Ice-type attacks do a massive 256% damage.

These attacks can easily wipe out Landorus before it can get off too much damage. Mamoswine and Weavile in particular make good counters, both of which have Shadow forms that are extremely powerful.

Defensive Flying-type Pokemon are also excellent at dealing with Landorus. Ground moves only do 39% to these Pokemon, so they would seriously deplete the damage output Landorus usually does.

This can be a bit scary, though, since Landorus can also learn Stone Edge as a charge move, which can put a dent into Flying-type Pokemon. Some of them, like Dragonite, can take a few Stone Edges while resisting Landorus’ fast attack.

So, if a trainer doesn’t have any of these Pokemon, fans might be wondering if theyt flat out lose to Landorus? Not exactly. Bulky Water-types can also perform well, since they can take punishment from Landorus and respond with super effective damage.

These Pokemon might apply to more trainers since Water-types are abundant nowadays. Any trainer who prepares for PVP mode might have some Water-type Pokemon since they work really well in that format. Pokemon like Swampert and Blastoise have been seeing decent usage, and either of them can take care of Landorus.

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