What is the max level cap in Gotham Knights’ New Game and New Game Plus?

What is the maximum level cap in Gotham Knights
What is the maximum level cap in Gotham Knights' New Game? (Image via Gotham Knights)

There are a lot of ways that your characters will be able to get more powerful in Gotham Knights. By unlocking new weapons and armor, slotting mods in them, or just gaining XP and muting more points in the Skill Tree abilities, there are many things in the title that will help you to effectively scale into the late game.

The experience system is perhaps the most reliable one out of the lot, and there are many in the community who are a bit curious as to what the max level cap is in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights offers a variety of gameplay features to players, and you have the option to approach encounters in several distinct ways.

Hence, understanding something as basic as how the character level system works in the game is key to taking down some of the hardest enemies and mobs roaming in Gotham City.

Today, we will go over what the max level cap is in Gotham Knights for both the New Game and the New Game plus.

What is the level cap in Gotham Knights' New Game?


During your first playthrough of the title, your level will be capped at 30, and you will not be able to scale your character beyond that. To reach the level cap and make your characters stronger as the narrative progresses, you will be required to earn XP.

Doing almost anything in Gotham Knights will earn you some XP, be it traversing large distances, taking out a mob, solving puzzles, or just engaging in side quests. However, just playing the main mission and not exploring Gotham City for additional side content will not help to reach the max level.

The amount of XP that the main story provides is rather limited, and it’s not enough to just follow the narrative and reach level 30.

With every level that you gain, your character will receive one Ability Point, which you can invest in the multiple Skill Trees that each of the characters comes with.


However, it’s also important to keep in mind that a character's level is not the same as the character’s power level in Gotham Knights. Base stats such as damage increases, health augmentations, and defense are something that is acquired through weapons and armor.

Hence, gaining more character levels in the game will not automatically increase a character's base stats. Because of this, crafting is also something you will need to invest a fair amount of time in apart from just leveling up your character.

What is the level cap in Gotham Knights' New Game Plus?


In Gotham Knight’s New Game Plus, which is only unlocked after you have had one run of the game and its narrative, the level cap will be increased by 10. You will be able to earn more XP on your second run and take your characters all the way to level 40.

One neat thing about the title’s level progression is the fact that once you level one character, the other three will automatically have their levels raised as well. Hence, continually switching between characters in the game will not force you to scale them from zero.

Additionally, as the title does not currently have any option to allow you to respec Ability Points in the Skill Tree, you need to be careful as to which skills you are investing in, because you won't be able to unlock every ability even at level 40.