What are PlayStyles in EA Sports FC 24, and how will they work?

PlayStyles are a new feature in EA Sports FC 24 (Images via EA Sports)
PlayStyles are a new feature in EA Sports FC 24 (Images via EA Sports)

EA Sports recently showcased the worldwide premier of its gameplay trailer for EA Sports FC 24, and gamers were quick to notice the addition of a new feature called PlayStyles. While not much was disclosed about the brand-new game mechanic during the original trailer, developers have provided more insight on their website. Adding Hypermotion technology was a huge step forward for the franchise, allowing EA Sports to provide the most realistic depiction of the beautiful game.

This technology has only continued to develop and grow, with EA Sports FC 24 touted to be more immersive than ever with Hypermotion V and the introduction of PlayStyles to Ultimate Team.

PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ will allow gamers to boost performance of their players in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is by far the most popular and lucrative game mode in the franchise's history. A large portion of the fanbase purchases the game to experience the brand-new features introduced by EA Sports every year, giving the developers even more incentive to innovate. The addition of the brand new dynamic titled PlayStyles is a fine example.

What are PlayStyles?


PlayStyles will be a new feature in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. Optimized by real-world Opta data, this will allow gamers to customize their players on the virtual pitch and equip the abilities that make them special in real-life. It will make these athletes go beyond the numbers assigned to them in terms of stats and ratings, giving them a unique and personalized approach to the game.

This new dynamic adds to the authenticity of the Ultimate Team experience in EA Sports FC 24. The core idea of the game mode is to build unique and overpowered squads that allow you to win more and dominate opponents. In this endeavor, these PlayStyles will offer the most conducive environment to make that happen.

What are PlayStyles+?

As the name suggests, PlayStyles+ takes the aforementioned feature to a whole new level. These are unique traits and abilities that only select players have, which will be visible on the player item itself. This will allow gamers to recognize the strengths offered by various athletes, adding a whole new aspect of control.

This is similar to the leak released earlier on social media that hinted at the overhaul of the traits system in EA Sports FC 24. While the developers are yet to provide an in-depth guide on this new feature, the system does resemble 'Traits' from past FIFA titles, and gamers will be curious to learn more once EA Sports release a Deep Dive trailer on gameplay features.

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