What are reviews for The Quarry saying on Metacritic?

Fear is subjective, but there are some good reviews for The Quarry before its launch on June 10 (Image via Supermassive Games)
Fear is subjective, but there are some good reviews for The Quarry before its launch on June 10 (Image via Supermassive Games)

The Quarry is the latest in a long line of games inspired by the classic horror cinema of the 80s. Since Until Dawn, Supermassive Games has been pumping out these narrative experiences with mixed success and vastly different cultural impact for each game.

Metacritic is probably the most trusted outlet for video game reviews. The site compiles the opinions of countless other sources to create a semi-coherent public consensus. Since the game hasn't come out yet, the user reviews page remains empty, which means the game's reviews are currently dominated by the pros.

How is The Quarry doing on Metacritic?

Fans of Supermassive's output should be thrilled to know that The Quarry is doing great on Metacritic. The game sits at a score of 81 out of 100, with 51 critic reviews logged so far.

Most of the reviews praise the writing of the game's characters. The campy and reference-heavy story has also been seen as a point in the game's favor. Most high-scoring reviews encourage players to avoid taking things too seriously. Subsequently, the light and fun tone has been mentioned as a plus.

The highest review so far comes from Erin McAllister of GameGrin, who awarded the game an outstanding 10 out of 10. McAllister praised the game's story, visuals, characters, sound direction, and great sense of variety.

The most impressive part, in her estimation, is that the game manages to create a hugely different story based on who lives and who dies. This is seen as a fix to one of the biggest problems with Supermassive's story-based output. To hear McAllister tell it, The Quarry stands out as a landmark in the genre.

The lowest score came from Willa Rowe at Inverse, who gave the game a 6 out of 10. Rowe rebukes the idea that the game handles its "choices matter" ideals well and decries the lack of replay value.

Rowe explains that having to go through the game multiple times to see all the content becomes grating due to repetitive dialogue. Issues with pacing and scale also drag down the game, in her opinion.

Since a six is the lowest review the game has yet received, it's fair to call it mostly successful. Most critics see the game as solid, if somewhat insubstantial. Almost every review mentions the ubiquitous references to campy slasher films, but only some see it as a positive.

How does The Quarry compare?

The Quarry is the fifth or sixth game of its format from Supermassive, so its place in the rankings is important. Though it is very early, the game currently sits above the rest of its peers in critic ratings on the site.

Until Dawn currently commands a 79 on Metacritic, and each of The Dark Pictures games sits in the seventies beneath the original. The VR prequel, The Inpatient, is the worst reviewed at 59.

Metacritic currently lists The Quarry above Until Dawn, which is a massive credit to the game. Reviews may shift as the game's lifespan continues, but early signs look great for the horror experience.

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