How The Quarry's Movie mode puts a better focus on its interactive story

The Quarry will feature a Movie mode with three different options (Image via 2K)
The Quarry will feature a Movie mode with three different options (Image via 2K)

The Quarry will continue Supermassive Games' tryst with interactive horror when it launches later in June 2022. The game will have a new timeline of events, but it is set to retain a few features from the developer's other games.

What will surely delight fans is the introduction of a new Movie mode. It also seems to be a better fit for the type of interactive-horror experience that the developers want to provide.


The Quarry will put players in control of nine teenagers who will have to survive a night at Hatchett Quarry. Playing from a third-person perspective, players will have to make critical decisions to survive.

It has been claimed by some that the summer release will be a spiritual successor to the 2015 hit Until Dawn. While it is expected that certain features from Until Dawn will be retained, the Movie mode seems to be a very innovative addition at first glance.

The Quarry will feature a Movie mode to allow gamers to enjoy the story better

Supermassive Games have built a reputation for interactive horror-themed games. The studio has made games such as Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures anthology. The Quarry is set to stand out with its Movie mode, which will offer a much more linear experience.

As the name suggests, players will become viewers as they watch the game's story presented as a movie. Unlike the main story, there will be minimal interaction, other than in the Director's Chair mode.

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Players will have to set specific modifiers in this mode before playing the story. It will result in inevitable consequences for the fate of the characters. Overall, players will be passive watchers. There are two other modes, and their names indicate what the outcome will be: Everyone Lives, and Everyone Dies.

While Supermassive Games is known for its ability to enable players to seamlessly interact with the story, the Movie mode does a better job. While decisions are okay when a player plays the game, The Quarry will also likely have a thrilling story.

With the Director's Chair version, the influence of players will be minimal. There will also be no break in immersiveness, which can happen when a player has to take action. The Movie mode will also let gamers watch the story like a thriller.


The Quarry's Movie mode might seem counterintuitive to what the game tries to do. The alternative is refreshing for two major reasons, and one of them has already been stated, as players will be able to enjoy the story without being interrupted by gameplay actions.

As in the developer's previous game, there will also likely be multiple endings. Previously, players had to go through multiple playthroughs to check the different endings. Now, they can do it via the Movie mode, saving time and energy.

The Everybody Lives and Everybody Dies modes also enable players to check two endings that can be difficult to achieve while playing. It can be tricky to keep all the characters alive, and alternately, it is unexpected that a player won't try to save one character.


Overall, the brand new mode seems to be a brilliant tactic that Supermassive Games have devised. It also allows the developers to tread a different path from their previous games.

Until Dawn was a great success that the Dark Pictures Anthology failed to recreate. The upcoming release could well be the final piece of the puzzle. The game is set to be released on June 10, 2022 on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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