When is Battlegrounds Mobile India’s expected release date? Everything we know so far

Battlegrounds Mobile India might be released this month
Battlegrounds Mobile India might be released this month

Indian battle royale mobile gamers were disappointed when Battlegrounds Mobile India was not released yesterday. Many players expected the game to come out on June 10th because of the solar eclipse hint in a social media post.

Many PUBG Mobile influencers with a huge number of followers on social media are giving away hints regarding the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players can take a look at some of them below.

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When will Battlegrounds Mobile India release?

A famous PUBG Mobile player, Sagar “Maxtern” Thakur, wrote a binary number on Twitter followed by the word “Enjoy.” His followers converted this binary number to decimal, and the result was 18062021.

Needless to say, players deduced that Battlegrounds Mobile India would release on June 18th.

Another popular PUBG Mobile player, Abhijeet “TSM Ghatak” Andhare, also tweeted, hinting that the BR title would be launched in the third week of June. This revelation came when one of his tweets crossed 20K likes on Twitter.

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Prominent YouTubers and PUBG Mobile players Luv “GodNixon” Sharma and Ocean Sharma were also of the opinion that the game would be released this month. They also discussed various aspects of Battlegrounds Mobile India in their respective videos.

While Indian mobile gamers are tired of waiting for Battlegrounds Mobile India, the developers remain eerily quiet about the game’s release date. To add fuel to the fire, the official page of the title came up with a post on Facebook prompting players to guess the date of release.

Rather than guessing the date, the comments were filled with angry mobile gamers requesting the developers to reveal some information regarding releasing the most awaited battle royale title. As always, Krafton has not responded to the queries.

Disclaimer: Krafton has revealed no official date of release for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Despite the rumors circulating on the internet, players are requested not to get too excited by news circulating online about the game’s release, leading to disappointment.

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