When is Cyno getting released in Genshin Impact?

Cyno might be released sooner than fans think (Image via Genshin Impact)
Cyno might be released sooner than fans think (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact is getting closer to patch 3.0 and the release of the Sumeru region. The Sumeru update, as it has been termed, is officially scheduled to be released on August 24, 2022 at 11 AM (UTC+8).

With the new Dendor nation, fans are patiently looking forward to the release of Cyno, an Electro polearm user from Sumeru. He is also one of the characters who was teased in the first Tevyat preview video alongside characters such as Diluc and Ayaka.

The 3.0 livestream announcements and latest leaks have provided ample information to learn everything about Cyno and his release in the upcoming patch 3.1.

Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks confirm Cyno's release in upcoming 3.1 update

Patch 3.0 update will be globally released in a few days and Genshin Impact will finally introduce the Sumeru region. Fans will finally be able to explore the Dendro nation and meet new Sumeru characters.

Speaking of which, sources have compiled all the latest leaks and announcements made in the 3.0 livestream to create an updated list of upcoming characters.

Quick recap of upcoming lineup:3.1 - Nilou (5โœฐ), Cyno (5โœฐ), Candace (4โœฐ) 3.2 - Nahida/Kusanali (5โœฐ), potentially Layla (4โœฐ)3.3 - Scaramouche/Wanderer (5โœฐ), Faruzan (4โœฐ)Sources outlined in reply.

The above tweet shows a quick recap of the upcoming characters and their expected release dates. As players can see, Cyno is expected to debut in the upcoming patch 3.1 update, with his launch already confirmed by other reliable sources.

For those who are unaware, Cyno is a 5-star character from Sumeru. Many others, such as Ayaka, Cyno, and more, were teased by the developers in their YouTube video titled Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail. But it wasn't until April 2022 that leakers started revealing more about Cyno and his kit.

Latest leaks about Cyno's kit and more

Genshin Impact fans who wait patiently for Cyno might wonder about his abilities and how he will make a difference in team compositions.

The tweet below contains a rough explanation of Cyno's abilities. Keep in mind that the description is subject to change and the final version of his kit might differ from what is currently known.

#Cyno kit Elemental Skill (E) - dashes forwardCD: 3sElemental Burst (Q) - electro infusion changes E and normal attack animations and increases the damage and AoE of EEnergy Cost: 80CD: 18sDuration: 10sE can follow Elemental Burst (Q) to extend the duration of Q to 15s.

Starting with Elemental Skill (E), Cyno can dash forward to deal Electro damage. The skill has some of the shortest cooldowns with only three seconds. Hence, it can be spammed multiple times to generate tons of energy particles.

When Cyno casts his Elemental Burst (Q), all of his attacks are infused with Electro and deal Electro damage to enemies. The burst will also change the Elemental Skill and normal attack animations in Genshin Impact. Fans can use Raiden Shogun's burst as a visual reference to understand the concept.

Additionally, the burst also increases overall damage and converts all Elemental Skill hit damage into AoE damage. With a 80 energy cost, the Elemental Burst lasts for 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 18 seconds. Players can expect Cyno to fill the DPS role in future teams after his release in the patch 3.1 update.

Thankfully, the global release of the new patch will be followed by drip marketing of upcoming characters. Hence, there is a chance that officials will provide the same offering for Cyno after the release of the Sumeru update in Genshin Impact.

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