When does Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer end: Roadmap, end date, and more

Image via Bungie
Image via Bungie
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With Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer well underway, Guardians are starting to wonder what will come next for the game and where Bungie will end up. 14 seasons have entered the game with their own unique story lines, quests, and gear sets.

The path ahead of the Season of the Splicer looks interesting, as Bungie has planned years ahead for Destiny 2. As Bungie begins vaulting items from the game due to its unmanageable size, future seasons may be highlighted through what sticks around.

Destiny 2's destination after Season of the Splicer

With Year 5 around the corner after another season that will pick up once Season of the Splicer ends, Destiny 2 already has some interesting content in the works. The Season of the Splicer is due to end on August 24th at the same time as the game's weekly reset.

Players still have a little under two months to finish everything that Destiny 2's 14th season brings if they so desire. It's unclear what the 15th season will hold to cap out Year 4, but the next expansion will lead the way to start off Year 5.

The Witch Queen expansion is Destiny 2's next big game development that'll take place after the season between it and Season of the Splicer. Its official name hasn't been released yet and remains the season of the [REDACTED].

Players do know that it'll focus around Savathun, nicknamed the Witch Queen, who's the sister of Oryx, the Taken King. With that in mind, it's clear to see that the roadmap after Season of the Splicer as Destiny 2 might turn back to the Hive/Taken.


Delving deep into the future, Bungie has laid out the groundwork for the start of Year 6, way ahead of what's to come. To be released sometime all the way in 2023, the Lightfall expansion will take place after what Bungie has planned for Year 5.

Lightfall was originally supposed to be released in 2022, but the Witch Queen expansion saw a delay, pushing back Year 6's first season as well.

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