When is the Genshin Impact anniversary in 2022?

The game's second anniversary is almost here (Image via Genshin Impact)
The game's second anniversary is almost here (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact is nearing its second anniversary celebration, and players will be able to receive a ton of great rewards when it arrives. Players who have stuck with the game ever since its launch in 2020 won't have to wait much longer for the second anniversary, which will arrive on September 28, 2022. This anniversary will also bring a host of new content, including a massive new region to explore, tons of new characters, and a new chapter of the game's expansive storyline.

Players can find out more about Genshin's second anniversary here.

Genshin Impact's second anniversary date revealed

Genshin Impact's second anniversary is just a few months away, and players can look forward to another big celebration when it arrives. The game will celebrate its second year of play on September 28.

Players have experienced hours of exploration and stories, pulled for tons of new characters, completed massive quests spanning huge regions, and even more. With Sumeru on the way, gamers have even more to look forward to in the next year of the game's release.

Many gamers are expecting this anniversary event to be a big one, with hopeful fans wishing for a less controversial release than last year's anniversary.

The game's first anniversary was received quite poorly by the community, with many players angrily complaining about low rewards and poor in-game celebrations. This anniversary will likely learn from the last and have much better rewards, though nothing official has been announced yet.


With the new region of Sumeru on the way, it's likely that players will be deeply embroiled in the story of the land of Dendro when the anniversary begins. It's possible that the anniversary will be tied to the storyline of the new region or even be included in events featuring this massive new area. Either way, players will definitely be receiving a ton of Primogems, allowing them to summon for characters from Sumeru with ease.

Leakers have speculated that Zhongli and Ganyu will be featured in a rerun during the anniversary period, giving players the chance to summon for two of the game's most powerful units. These two Liyue residents have topped the charts in usage ever since their release, thanks to their incredible skillsets and ease of use. Players who missed out on them in the past will definitely want to pick them up from this limited banner.

It's likely that the Genesis Crystal top-up will be reset again during this anniversary, giving players the opportunity to gain their first purchase rewards once more. These bonuses can double the amount of Genesis Crystals that a player acquires from a single purchase, making it an insane value. Fans will want to make sure they keep an eye out for a Genesis Crystal reset and make the most out of the bonus when it arrives.

Genshin Impact's anniversary will bring a ton of new content to the game, and fans won't want to miss out on it when it arrives later this year.

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