When does League of Legends Season 13 begin? 

Starting date and other details regarding League of Legends season 13 (Image via Riot Games)
Starting date and other details regarding League of Legends Season 13 (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends pre-season 2023 is almost in its final days and Season 13 is knocking on the door. As a result, fans across the world are quite eager to know about the release date of the same. As per current information, League of Legends Season 13 will come out on January 11, 2023.

The upcoming season is going to change the game quite a lot. A lot of fresh and interesting features will be added, along with some brand new champions and reworks.

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Hence, the hype surrounding Season 13 is quite high as it might end up becoming one of the best in a long time. There will naturally be issues that will plague the playerbase at times, but everything will come down to how good the season will turn out to be when compared to the earlier releases.

Details regarding League of Legends Season 13 and associated releases

League of Legends Season 13 has quite a few things for players to be excited about. However, the most important amongst all those is going to be the Aurelion Sol update.

He is a champion who has been out of the meta for a long time and the developers finally picked up on him in the early days of 2022. As it happens, his rework will come out in the very early days of Season 13. In fact, fans can expect it to be released in the second major patch of League of Legends Season 13.

The second major thing that the community will find very exciting is that the brand new Ixtal-based support champion will come out right after the Aurelion Sol update. This new champion will use fire as an element and is expected to be a healer.

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He was announced during a developer update back in June 2022, but it seems players will finally get their hands on him soon. The developers have claimed that the champion will also be easy to play as they do not want to create complicated kits anymore.

Ahri's ASU is also in line for release somewhere around League of Legends Season 13. Through it, the developers will change not just the base model of Ahri but all her skins as well.

Apart from that, the new champion, Darkin, is also going to be launched in Season 13. It is rumored to be a midlaner and will have a really broken kit. However, this will not be the end as a lot of other things will come out that will be revealed along with the Season 13 preview.

Players can expect it to take place somewhere around the beginning of January. During the preview, both the Season 13 content as well as the esports area of the game will be revealed.


However, that is not where Season 13 ends as the jungle role will change massively as well. The introduction of jungle pets, monster health, changes to gold and experience gained will massively impact high-elo solo queue and professional games.

Lastly, there have been changes to the experience gained in lanes. As of now, the toplane seems to be valuable, while the botlane has been nerfed a bit. This is another thing that will also have a lot of impact on the professional scene.

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