When is World's Edge expected to return to Apex Legends map rotation after Season 12 update?

World's Edge will be removed from map rotation in Apex Legends Season 12 (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
World's Edge will be removed from map rotation in Apex Legends Season 12 (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

As new seasons arrive in Apex Legends, some maps get omitted from the map rotation. This helps to maintain the freshness and consistency of the game and prevents players from getting bored easily. With the arrival of Defiance, the World's Edge got benched and is not coming back anytime soon.


The new season is already packed with many changes under its belt, and removing this map is one of them. This has been done since a reworked Olympus and fan-favorite King's Canyon are set to make a return with Defiance.

World's Edge might return to Apex Legends map rotation post Season 12 update

Traditionally, the arrival of a new season of Apex Legends has always left a map out of the rotation, and it's no different this time as well. With the arrival of Defiance, World's Edge has been replaced by a reworked Olympus and King's Canyon.

Fans are now wondering about the potential comeback of World's Edge to the game. As of now, the map will not return to the game any time soon. There is a slight possibility of the map being temporarily added later during the end of Season 12 via some special events.

But the stakes of it getting added to the roster again are higher with the release of Season 13. Benching the map for a prolonged period is also possible. An official announcement from the studio would clear all confusion among fans.

This confirms World’s Edge is not in Season 12 at all.

What are the new changes that arrived with Apex Legends Season 12?

Season 12 arrived in-game yesterday, i.e., February 8, 2022, and brought changes that could potentially change the ongoing meta. A new legend has been added to the roster by the name "Mad Maggie."

She is aggressive and is supposedly a shotgun specialist. She will perfectly synchronize with the playstyle of players who like to rush into their opponents because of her abilities.

Some legends like Caustic have received a nerf, while Crypto has received a significant buff in Season 12. Players were afraid that Caustic wouldn't be as viable as before, but that won't be the case. The Tap Strafe mechanism has also been tweaked and nerfed, and players are unhappy with it.

Caustic Gas Trap Changes- Now destroyable after detonation- 150hp- Detonated traps expire at 11s (was 12.5s)- Gas effects linger for two seconds after barrel is gone

The developers of Apex Legends are planning to release the next-gen update for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S very soon. It was expected that the update might come with the new season's release, but players have to wait until that happens.

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