Where to find the Maglev Stalker in Tower of Fantasy

Many item combinations provide greater rewards in Tower of Fantasy (Image via Perfect World)
Many item combinations provide greater rewards in Tower of Fantasy (Image via Perfect World)

The Maglev Stalker is a rare item needed to create the Chaser mount in Tower of Fantasy. Mounts are a vital piece of equipment in ToF as they make it easier to navigate the landscape. The majority of them need to be crafted, which requires players to find the items necessary to do so.


Combined with the Magnetic Rod, the Maglev Stalker gives players a mechanical mount that is well sought-after in the early days of Tower of Fantasy. To get the Maglev Stalker to make it, players will need to fight some vermin.

Getting Maglev Stalker in Tower of Fantasy isn't easy

A look at the Chaser Mount in Tower of Fantasy (Image via Perfect World)
A look at the Chaser Mount in Tower of Fantasy (Image via Perfect World)

The Maglev Stalker is not an easy item to obtain. Players have to battle one of the Vermin Brothers for it. There are four Vermin Brothers in the game and each one has a chance at dropping the Maglev Stalker upon defeat.

They can be found in strongholds known as Rat's Dens. Here is where to find each one of these world bosses:

  • The first Vermin Brother can be found at the Rat's Den in the southeastern portion of Astra.
  • Another is next to Mt. Woochu in the Banges region.
  • The third is along the coast of northwest Banges.
  • Finally, players will encounter the fourth Vermin Brother just east of the Signal Station Ruins Spacerift in Banges.

All but Squeaky, the first Vermin Brother available, are found in the Banges region. This means players could potentially obtain the Maglev Stalker very early on in either Astra or Banges if luck is on their side. The chances are very low, but it could happen.

@MikeeeUy All the Vermin Brothers and not a single drop of the material 😭😭😭😭

The drop rate for the Maglev Stalker is minuscule. Players can return to the dens after a short time to face any of the Vermin Brothers again for another shot at the item.

How to defeat Vermin Brothers

The first Vermin Brother is a bit easier than the others because they are at a higher level. If players make it past the Astra region to Banges, they should have no problem taking down Squeaky.

Leveling up about halfway through the story as it unfolds in the Banges region will set players up for an easier time against the other three Vermin Brothers. However, that doesn't mean getting the better of them isn't a bit tricky, though.

Here are some tips on how to defeat them as they all look, act, and fight in the same manner in Tower of Fantasy:

  • All of the Vermin Brothers are dangerous up close.
  • Players should simply use the best and fastest weapon they have available and use a hit-and-run approach.
  • The Brothers are a bit clunky, so attacking them, running away, and hitting them at another angle while they are still facing in the direction of the original attack is a solid game plan.
  • Approach any Vermin Brother with some speed and execute a fast combination of strikes before backing off.
  • If a Vermin Brother begins to walk towards the character, hurry around it to strike it from behind. Do this until it is defeated.

Ranged weapons can help here, but they are not fast and aren't suited to the rapid hit-and-run attack style. It works a lot better to assault the brothers over and over while creating and maintaining a certain distance.

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