Where are the Tesla Rifle plans in Fallout 76?

Wield the power of lightning (Image via Bethesda)
Wield the power of lightning (Image via Bethesda)
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Fallout 76 came out four years ago to massive controversy and overwhelming condemnation, but the game had fans that have stuck around. After dozens of updates, Bethesda's attempt to bring the iconic first-person wasteland exploration adventure into the MMO market is generally better received.

To craft new items and consistently improve a player's loadout, they'll have to find new plans throughout the world. Plans serve as blueprints that allow one to craft new weapons, armor, recipes and apparel. There are tons of important devices players will need to seek out, but there's one great weapon that lets them weaponize lightning.

How to build the Tesla Rifle in Fallout 76


The Tesla Rifle is a weapon that fires an arcing burst of electricity that jumps between enemies and deals massive damage. It functions like a shotgun with a massive spread and serves as a brilliant crowd control weapon.

To get the Tesla Rifle, players need to find the plan somewhere in Fallout 76's Appalachia. Luckily, there are a few ways to acquire the Tesla Rifle plans.

The easiest way to get the Tesla Rifle plans is to buy them from a vendor. As long as the player is beyond level 40, the Brotherhood vendor in Whitespring Resort or the Vendor Bot Phoenix in Watoga Shopping Plaza will sell the plans. It'll cost the player 1200 caps, but save a lot of effort.

Those who don't want to put down the cash can check containers in the Ash Heap, Mire, and Cranberry Bog. Players might also find treasure maps in the area that lead them to the Tesla Rifle plans.

Players also have a low chance of earning the Tesla Rifle plans from Daily Ops. Between the levels of 40 and 49, players can get those plans as a daily reward, but that isn't likely.

Finally, some creatures in some areas will drop the Tesla Rifle plans. Head to the Ash Heap, Mire, or Cranberry Bog. Slaying a Behemoth, Deathclaw, Fog Crawler, Grafton Monster, Hermit Crab, Honey Beast, Mega Sloth, Mothman, Schorchbeast, Seepsquatch or other bosses might grant the plan.

Using the Tesla Rifle in Fallout 76


Once the player has the plans, they can craft the weapon from any workbench with the right gear. Luckily, in Fallout 76, making the weapon is only the beginning.

Players will need the following parts to craft their own Tesla Rifle:

  • 16 Adhesive
  • 11 Circuitry
  • 8 Crystals
  • 7 Nuclear Material
  • 15 Plastic
  • 19 Screws
  • 25 Steel

With that, players will have a standard-issue Tesla Rifle. While that weapon is great, mods can make it better.

The Tesla Rifle doesn't have a ton of unique mods to throw on, but the ones it does have are important. The fan-favorite choice is the Automatic Barrel, which lowers damage output per shot, but allows the player to rapid-fire. With a rapid-fire arcing blast of lightning, this weapon is a beast in PVP and PVE.

Fallout 76 players have a ton of great weapons to choose from, but the Tesla Rifle is one of the most beloved. They just have to seek out those plans and make their own lightning gun.

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