Where to use the Taraq Smuggler’s Office key in Warzone 2 DMZ?

Using the Taraq Smugglers Office key in Warzone 2 DMZ (Image via Warzone 2)
Using the Taraq Smugglers Office key in Warzone 2 DMZ (Image via Warzone 2)

There are a fair number of missions and challenges that you can complete when playing the DMZ mode in Warzone 2. There are a lot of mission-related items that you will come across when taking down enemies and looting them.

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While you will know the use and function of most of the items you come across in the game, some collectibles are somewhat ambiguous in their description. Many have been confused about how to use them.

One such collectible is the Taraq Smuggler’s Office key which has baffled a lot of DMZ players. While the key mentions that you will be required to use it in the office in E2, finding a suitable building makes this very complicated.

Using the Taraq Smugglers Office key in Warzone 2 DMZ


You can acquire a Taraq Smuggler’s Office key in various ways in Warzone 2 DMZ. It has quite a high drop rate, and you can obtain it from any random loot. Hence, obtaining the key is not exactly troublesome. What complicates the matter is where you will be able to use it.

  • You will be able to find the Taraq Smuggler’s Office in position E2 of Al Mazrah. As the location is the same for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, players familiar with the maps and layouts of the two games will not have trouble finding it in the DMZ mode.
  • You will need to mark the building on the map in position E2 based on where you were able to drop it on the map. You can take a vehicle there. You will be required to head east from Taraq village until you come across three buildings west of the river.
  • You will need to reach the building in the middle and take out all AI enemies as you approach it. Once you have reached the structure, your objective will be to enter the ground floor, where the Taraq Smuggler’s Office is.
  • Once you have made your way in, you will need to use the key on the office door, which will be on the left side next to a rack. You can locate it by searching for a blue barrel there.

Once you have used the key and made your way inside the Taraq Smuggler’s office, you will be rewarded with an orange Supply Box for all your efforts. You will also be able to net yourself some random like Cash, Armor, and weapons.

This is one of the many reasons you should make your way to the office and gain an early advantage when dropping into a Warzone 2 DMZ map.

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