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Which country has the sweatiest Fortnite players? Here is what data shows

{Image via Epic Games}
{Image via Epic Games}
Modified 06 Apr 2021
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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 has players back in action as they explore a new map with entirely new in-game features. With the start of a new season and the start of a new year, the top player stats are changing.

The list below gathers the top Fortnite players based on their current Power Ranking as suggested by, subject to change as the Season continues.

Each region's top Fortnite layers

Asia (AS)

Having competed in more than 60 events and earned over $75,000 USD in doing so, the number one Fortnite player from the AS Region is CR Qjac.

Though Qjac recently placed #111 in the 3 April Solo Cash Cup, the Fortnite player has placed 1st and 2nd in the last several Cash Cups through February. Qjac's kills per death ratio is currently 6.00, with over 100 top 10 competitive placements.

Brazil (BR)

The Fortnite player known as king currently holds the number one spot for Brazil. With the #1 spot in the FNCS Finals on 14 March and having won over $140,000 USD, king has become a fierce Fortnite competitor. His current kill per death ratio is 7.82 and has placed him in a competitive top 10 position nearly 150 times.


Europe (EU)

While BenjyFishy and Mongraal are the top online European earners, raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars from playing Fortnite, statistics show that the top European player is actually GUILD TaySon

With a kills per death ratio of 6.33, total competitive earnings of over $250,000 USD, and over 60 top 10 placements, TaySon has worked hard over the last couple of years to earn the position they hold today.

Middle East (ME)


With limited global exposure, as with the OCE region, the ME region gets overlooked too often. Falcon Spy, however, is the #1 ME Fortnite player and is quickly establishing himself as a player to look out for.

Falcon Spy's current earnings stand at almost $40,000 USD and with a kills per death ratio of 6.48, Falcon Spy is more than deserving of this regional top spot.

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NA East (NAE)

G2 Jahq currently holds the #1 position in the NAE region, having earned over $145,000 USD competitively and over 50 top 10 placements. With nearly 10,000 team eliminations and placing first in the FNCS Finals on 15 March, G2 Jahq has earned a grand reputation within the community.

NA West (NAW)


With 100T Arkhram close on their heels, EpikWhale currently holds the #1 position in the NAW region rankings as well as global rankings, according to The Twitter-active Fortnite player has nearly 15,000 team eliminations, over 120 top 10 placements, and 39 #1 match placements.

Oceania Region (OCE)

Fortnite player Jynx has multiple top 10 squad placements and several solo #1 palcements just this year. Jynx has participated in over 60 events and earned just over $80,000 USD. With a kill per death ratio of 8.25, Jynx has the highest ratio on this list. Steadily improving over the years, Jynx is becoming a serious global contender.

Collectively, the Fortnite community has seen some pretty impressive players to date, with number one players emerging from across the globe.

Published 06 Apr 2021, 00:29 IST
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