Which starter should you choose for A Mega Moment Special Research in Pokemon Go?

The classic playground debate (Image via Niantic)
The classic playground debate (Image via Niantic)

Pokemon Go is the onboarding point for several new generations of Pokemon fans, expanding the already massive franchise beyond its bounds. The game features tons of unique and interesting content to keep players engaged, even years after the game's release.

In the new A Mega Moment research event, players will be faced with the original defining choice of the franchise. They must pick one of the three original starter Pokemon to bring to Mega evolution and join their team.

The best starter for A Mega Moment in Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO’s Mega Evolution update is now live globally!If you haven’t yet, try out Mega Evolution by completing a new Special Research story with branching tasks that’s available to Trainers level 5 and up!👉…

Pokemon Go is updating the Mega Evolution system in the game, and it's doing so with this new event. The event requires some classic gameplay but gives the player the choice of the final evolution of the original three starters. Players must pick Venusaur, Charizard, or Blastoise to be their buddy and reach Mega Evolution.

The battling system of this game is substantially simpler than that of the previous games in the franchise. With that in mind, choosing a starter becomes much easier than it was back in Blue and Red.

Previous games broke down an individual creature's power into several stats, but Pokemon Go simply uses one stat, Combat Power. CP is really the only metric that determines a Pokemon's contribution in combat. With that in mind, the best option can be determined with a simple comparison of numbers.

Taking the three starters at their Mega Evolution, at 100% perfect IV stats, their totals are as follows:

Mega Venusaur

  • Level 30 - 3,170 CP
  • Level 40 - 3,698 CP

Mega Charizard X

  • Level 30 - 3,300 CP
  • Level 40 - 3,850 CP

Mega Charizard Y

  • Level 30 - 3,819 CP
  • Level 40 - 4,445 CP

Mega Blastoise

  • Level 30 - 3,378 CP
  • Level 40 - 3,941 CP

With this in mind, the obvious choice is Charizard, and specifically Mega Charizard Y. This imbues the player with the most powerful Pokemon to face the event and the greatest chance of success.

Using Mega Charizard Y in Pokemon Go

The most fearsome beast (Image via The Pokemon Company)
The most fearsome beast (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Players picking their starters will face a second choice once they've gotten their personal favorite. Picking the best moves is key to winning battles, even with the best Pokemon.

Mega Charizard Y's best move combination is Fire Spin and Blast Burn. The former deals 14 damage and generates 10 energy, while the latter deals 110 damage, plus STAB. These moves will ensure Mega Charizard Y is the best threat it can be.

Pokemon Go features tons of fan-favorite creatures, but some just hold a statistical advantage. In this quest, the numbers don't lie, and they put Mega Charizard Y a cut above the rest.

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