Who is CrazySlick? Twitch streamer accused of s*xually assaulting fellow content creator AdrianahLee

Exploring CrazySlick
Exploring CrazySlick's drama (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch star CrazySlick has found himself in murky waters following a string of recent events. The 23-year-old has been accused of s*xual misconduct by fellow streamer Adrianah "AdrianahLee". According to the latter, CrazySlick made unwelcome advances toward her in January 2020. CrazySlick currently has over 78K followers on the Amazon-owned platform and is fairly close to other streamers such as Maya and Matthew "Mizkif."

The drama was initiated following Twitch streamer Tyler "TrainwreckTV's" claims of Mizkif and Maya covering up for "s*xual assaults". He also revealed that Matthew had even "blackmailed" Tyler, along with other girls. After a revelatory tweet, Adrianah came forward to reveal that the alleged perpetrator was CrazySlick.

How has CrazySlick responded to the allegations?

Since the allegations came to light, Slick has gone on to make a public statement. In a now-deleted tweet, he denied all accusatory claims, adding that his intentions were to help Adrianah and not take undue advantage of her. He exclaimed:

“I have never sexually assaulted anyone and never will. I have never had any intentions of ever harming anyone. I go out of my way to check on someone and I get accused of rape, this is unfair, I will be getting a lawyer ASAP. Learn from Johnny Depop situation and think fast"

For context, Adrianah recounted the streamer s*xually exploiting her by touching her inappropriately while she was in an inebriated state. She further claimed that both Maya and Mizkif had played a part in silencing her. According to the 22-year-old:

“I was told, 'it’s okay! Just come out about it so we don’t have to kick Slick out. We’ll come to a middle ground so we don’t have to kick Slick out. You’ll be fine'"

Adrianah also suggested that her initial statement was filtered by Maya due to her close ties with CrazySlick. She shared a Twitch clip of Mizkif's casual way of describing the entire situation. Matthew is heard defining it as "s*xual harassment at a low scale."

Popular streamers react to the controversy

Popular streamers and content creators have weighed in on the controversy, with One True King (OTK) co-founder Zack "Asmongold" expressing some rather strong opinions. During a livestream on September 20, the MMORPG streamer went off on CrazySlick after the latter compared his situation to that of Johnny Depp. Asmongold exclaimed:

"You lying piece of f***ing s**t! You never got accused of r*pe. 'This is unfair, I'll be getting a lawyer as soon as possible. Learn from the Johnny Depp situation, and think first.' Last time I f***ing checked, is you still have all ten fingers, Slick!"

Asmongold continued further and added:

"The f**k are you doing, and sitting around, and talking about Johnny Depp. You're going to use his f***ing problem? His thing, where he lost his f***ing finger? He's got marks on him, everywhere. He's got 10 years of assault charges, with different witnesses, and other people, coming in, over, and over, and over, and you have the f***ing audacity to go in, and use his example to cover up for your slimy f***ing bull s**t!

On September 29, 2022, YouTube Gaming streamer Ludwig also discussed the debacle on The Yard Podcast. He claimed to have received a direct message from CrazySlick, in which the latter requested the money that the YouTuber allegedly owed:

"Speaking of the proof, you have something to do too. You haven't been doing your job. We need to do payouts for MultiVersus (tournament), and I got a DM from CrazySlick, and he said, 'I think I'm going to go broke, and I need money, and I am owed from this tournament you ran.'"

Timestamp: 01:10:52

Ludwig acknowledged that he owed CrazySlick the winnings from the MultiVersus Tournament:

"Although I do not agree with the actions he did, I also owe him money, and I think it's wrong not to pay out."

Fans react to the drama

The situation has spread like wildfire across the internet, with fans sharing their reactions. Streamers and influencers such as Corinna Kopf, Ali "Myth," Felix "xQc," and Hasan "HasanAbi" have all either implicitly or explicitly made comments on the entire saga. Here are some of the reactions:

UPDATE: adrianah clarified that hasan was not involved (thanks to @DsmpUncensored for the screenshots)
@Trainwreckstv @REALMizkif @Asmongold @Twitch if you’ve known about this, why are you only now bringing it up as a gotcha for a twitter argument?
@Trainwreckstv @REALMizkif @Asmongold @Twitch Train once he sees Mizkif coming after him:
@Trainwreckstv @REALMizkif @Asmongold @Twitch the drama this week is at an all time high sheesh

As mentioned earlier, it is yet to be seen if any legal proceedings will take place following the fiasco. Since CrazySlick has hinted at hiring legal representation, there could be further chapters added to the story. Prior to the allegations, the 23-year-old was engaged in a subathon on his Twitch channel. His previous stream had run for over 19 hours.

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