Why did Andrew Tate delete his Twitch channel?Β 

Is Andrew Tate banned from Twitch? (Image via Sportskeeda)
The influencer himself has taken down his Twitch channel (Image via Sportskeeda)

Although social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok have banned Andrew Tate from their platforms, his disappearance on Twitch isn't related to a suspension. Following much controversy, the influencer deleted his channel on the Amazon-owned platform.

andrew tate has deleted his twitch channel

Tate's series of bans began on August 13, with Meta suspending his Instagram and Facebook accounts. His content immediately elicited a wave of criticism on the internet, with many online personalities and charities accusing the former Kickboxing champion of being a misogynist and "dangerous" to society.

I didn't know who Andrew Tate was but my 12yo son did.Parents, they're coming for your boys. They market misogyny and racism to cishet white boys, in a package that seems appealing. Talk to your kids, have hard conversations. It's important.

Why Andrew Tate deleted his Twitch channel


On the same day as his TikTok ban, Tate's YouTube as well as Twitch channel were also removed from both the platforms. However, it seems like the influencer himself has taken down his Twitch channel. This subsequently led to massive speculation.

As per Twitch's policy, banned streamers/creators are not permitted to work on the platform even if it means appearing on someone else's channel, as that will lead to the latter's ban as a consequence.

Over the past week, Tate has appeared on many Twitch livestreams, including the likes of Adin Ross and Clix. Notably, Ross was the first Twitch streamer to invite the British-American onto the platform. This subsequently led to a huge rise in the former's viewership.


Social media reacts on Twitch deletion

Within a few hours, a Reddit post titled "Andrew Tate just deleted his Twitch account to dodge a ban (after YT/TikTok suspensions) and still shows up on streams." started blowing up on the internet, garnering immense traction.

Judging by the comments, the majority of users are urging Twitch to follow suit with other websites and ban him from the platform.

The discussion involved:

Andrew Tate's final message to his viewers


On August 23, 2022, Andrew Tate released an hour-long video on Vimeo in response to criticism and social media suspensions. He also opened up regarding multiple online allegations against him, some of which have delved into his past and religious beliefs.

Slamming all the attacks against him, Tate noted:

"The public consciousness has been polluted to where narratives are being purported, which are absolutely and utterly false, and it’s having a genuinely negative impact on the people I care about, and the people who care about me. A lot of these attacks against me are disguised under the virtue of caring about women. But none of these people attacking me care about women. None of them donate to women’s charities."

He then went on to refute the criticisms leveled against him, including the accusations of being a misogynist. Addressing a viral TikTok clip, Tate then claimed that due to the trend of editing clips and shortening them, most of his videos were taken "out of context". The influencer argued:

"It's just misunderstood clips on TikTok. It's crazy to me I've become the face of evil, with misunderstood, out-of-context clips on TikTok, with no criminal charges."

In his conclusion, the online mogul stated that he was relieved to be banned as that would help safeguard his wellbeing.

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