Why did BruceDropEmOff resign from OTK?

BruceDropEmOff's resignation is just the latest bit of drama surrounding OTK (Image via Twitter)

Twitch streamer Bruce "BruceDropEmOff" resigned from his position with the One True King content creation organization. He announced on Twitter that he would be leaving the organization as he faced backlash from his community for keeping in touch with Mizkif.

Bruce joined OTK in March 2022 and has amassed a following of over 1.2 million on Twitch. Less than a year later, he marks the third significant departure from the organization in the past two months. Other departures include Rich Campbell and JSchlatt, the former being asked to resign following sexual assault accusations.

Following an appearance on OTK co-founder Mizkif's stream, Bruce received backlash from his viewers. Mizkif has been at the center of controversies recently. Recently, a series of racist messages exchanged between him and Ice Poseidon were leaked. This added more fuel to the fire.

While many speculated that the backlash played a role in BruceDropEmOff's decision to leave OTK, he confirmed as much on yesterday's stream. He stated that his association with Mizkif and OTK was hurting his reputation within his community and that distancing himself was the best decision for his brand.

"When I asked y'all, 'How do you feel about me?' and y'all brought up other people, then I knew it was time to seperate from those other people."

Why BruceDropEmOff resigned from OTK

Bruce appeared on a recent Mizkif stream, making the trip to Austin, Texas, to hang out with the OTK co-founder. The decision to be seen with Mizkif was highly controversial among his fans. He faced allegations of tacitly siding with the accused streamers.

On Monday, January 23, Bruce asked fans for their opinion on his association with the organization. He received many messages of disapproval, specifically about his association with Mizkif, prompting him to end the stream abruptly. While many believed he was upset with his fans' response, he took their words to heart and decided to move on.

The next day, Bruce announced on Twitter that he would part ways with OTK, following up with a stream explaining his decision the same day. He said that he has struggled with the decision for months, ultimately deciding to side with his community.

"I'd rather bet on myself every single time and my community, and once I seen that y'all didn't f*** with that, then I got to side with y'all every single time."

While many OTK members have publicly supported BruceDropEmOff's decision to move on, he implied that Mizkif was toxic in response to the decision. Bruce refrained from directly calling Mizkif out until he received a text message during his stream. Responding to the message, he said,

“I was more than enough of a friend to even come on your stream and stick my neck out for your white a** when I knew some of my viewers never forgave you.”

BruceDropEmOff says he has since blocked Mizkif, while the latter is yet to comment on the former's resignation from OTK.