Why do Call of Duty players want UAVs to get removed from Warzone?

A UAV in Call of Duty: Warzone (Image via Activision)
A UAV in Call of Duty: Warzone (Image via Activision)

The main purpose of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs in Call of Duty is to reveal the location of enemies. They appear as red dots on the minimap for 30 seconds even upon not firing any weapon. This helps players plan their game strategically to emerge victorious.

These can be bought from Buy Stations present in multiple locations on the Battle Royale map. It is an extremely important feature in Warzone, but some players want to get it removed from the game completely.


Some Call of Duty Warzone players have asked developers to remove UAVs from the game

After the mid-season update of Season 2 was rolled out, the prices of UAVs were lowered by a substantial amount. These UAVs are now available for $6,000 from the Buy Stations situated on different parts of the map.

This has resulted in much more frequent use of these killstreaks to locate the enemies and hunt them down. Out of frustration, certain parts of the community have asked the developers of the game to completely remove this feature from Battle Royale.

The statement on Reddit was made by a player named "maxpowerphd," who plays the game casually and for fun with his friends. He argued that they enjoyed it more when UAVs were allowed to use it after the completion of contracts. Due to recent price cuts, these devices are being used more frequently.

Equipping the "Ghost" perk can be a life-saver, but it would cost a good amount of cash. This perk can be added to the loadout, which again should be bought from Buy Stations.

A user named "CCX-S" shared similar thoughts with the author of the Reddit post and commented:

While another user has suggested nerfing the area, a UAV cover might be a good solution.

Most of the comments in the thread are in support of the statement made on the same.

While a majority of the community has supported the statement, it doesn't deny the fact that UAVs were made for aggressive gameplay. Maybe lowering the cost has urged players to spam them all the time, ruining the fun factor for casual players.

The developers of Call of Duty: Warzone should look into the matter and make decisions wisely. They must remember that the game consists of various players, those who like to have fun and others who like to compete competitively.

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