"Why is Respawn doing exclusive characters?": Apex Legends community reacts to Fade's mobile exclusivity

Apex Legends mobile will have Fade as an exclusive character (Image via Tencent)
Apex Legends mobile will have Fade as an exclusive character (Image via Tencent)

Apex Legends will be the latest game set to cross the boundaries of PC and console and move into the realm of mobile devices. The game's mobile version is set to be released worldwide today, and fans have been quite excited about it.

Respawn's battle royale has been highly successful over the years, and gamers want to see how it translates to a touch screen and relatively weaker hardware. On top of all that, mobile players will also have an exclusive legend in the form of Fade.

While different companies publish the two games, the core gameplay remains the same. There will be adaptations made to the gameplay mechanics so that they translate to a touch screen, but there's no denying that the main elements, including characters and weapons, will likely remain the same. However, some fans aren't happy that there will be a legend exclusive to Apex Legends' mobile version.

The Apex Legends community reacts to news of an exclusive legend on the mobile version

The original post was made by Reddit user u/Davidth422. The Redditor posted an image of Fade, the new legend coming only to the mobile version of the game. While the mobile version will have many similarities to its console and PC counterparts, Fade will be exclusive to the mobile version.

This led to several community members wondering about the reason behind such a decision. Others stated their wish for Fade to be made available on PC and console in the near future.

Several players believe that Fade has a strong resemblance to Sektor from Mortal Kombat. This is due to the overall design of the former, although there are noticeable differences that separate Fade from the cyber ninja of Mortal Kombat.

While some wondered about Respawn's reasoning behind taking such a step, it should be noted that the two versions are developed by different studios. One user feels that after a certain point in time, the two games will look quite different from one another.

One player disagrees with the claim that the design of Fade doesn't fit into the aesthetic of Apex Legends. In general, the game is pretty open and creative when it comes to the designs of legends and skins.

Another player found similarities between Fade and Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and called the former a budget version of the latter.

Some fans really loved the design of the character and hoped that Fade wouldn't end up being an exclusive.

Exclusivity isn't something that the gaming community appreciates when it comes to characters and skins, and this was reiterated by another player.

Some even cautioned that Apex Legends mobile could adopt predatory practices moving forward and may encourage players to spend real money on character upgrades and weapons.

One fan is confused about how Fade's exclusivity will factor into the lore of the game.

Some were quick to point out that the mobile version will also be released with a Team Deathmatch mode.

One player believed that the game's mobile version was receiving an unfair amount of hate. In certain ways, the mobile version will result in quicker matches and allow the franchise to appeal to casual gamers.

The mobile version of Apex Legends is expected to be different from its PC and console counterparts. Despite the two versions not having a crossplay feature, many fans are disappointed that Fade will be introduced as an exclusive.

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