Why Skull and Bones has the potential to overtake Sea of Thieves as the best pirate adventure

Skull and Bones is hoping to be the premier pirate gaming adventure (Image via Ubisoft / Rare)
Skull and Bones is hoping to be the premier pirate gaming adventure (Image via Ubisoft / Rare)

Skull and Bones are looking to be Ubisoft's attempt at making Assassin's Creed: Black Flag an entirely pirate-based game.

It has been a long time since the game was revealed, and much of its features and functionality have probably changed. Fans can expect it on November 8, 2022, hoping it lives up to the hype.


There's a lot of talk about it rivaling Sea of Thieves as the number one pirate game on the market. It will take a near-perfect release for that to happen, but it is a possibility.

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How do Skull and Bones compare to Sea of Thieves?

There seem to be many more differences than similarities between the two games (Image via Ubisoft / Rare)
There seem to be many more differences than similarities between the two games (Image via Ubisoft / Rare)

The most apparent difference between the two is their approach to realism. Sea of Thieves has a very cartoonish appearance, which has become a large part of its charm. Players love it.

Skull and Bones, on the other hand, is shaping up to be a much more dreary and realistic pirate simulation. The aesthetics are opposites when comparing the titles.

Sea of Thieves focuses more on shenanigans as pirates rather than any severe attitude. This is another reason players have placed it as a top tier pirate-themed video game. It's easy to get the hang of.

This isn't for everyone, though. Some players want more realism, such as the pirating aspect of Black Flag. They will more than likely fall in love with Skull and Bones if that is the case.

It all comes down to what players prefer. SoT delivers an experience centered around pirate lore and fantasy, while SnB appears to be more about the hardships of the down-and-dirty pirate life of old.

Why Skull and Bones could overtake Sea of Thieves

Will you live as pawns...or die as pirates? Watch the new cinematic trailer for #SkullandBones. Set sail November 8th.

There are still plenty of details left to be revealed about Skull and Bones before its release. Preliminary showings of the game have proven its incredible graphics, high-paced pirating action, and a spot-on adventure set in the Indian Ocean.

The one thing it is guaranteed to have over Sea of Thieves is freshness. Sea of Thieves has had its fair share of content updates, even bringing the Pirates of the Caribbean to the title.

Rare will continue to implement more content, but at some point, players might be interested in giving the new kid on the block a try. This is where Skull and Bones have the potential to be massive.

If it launches as perfectly as possible with flawless gameplay, uninterrupted servers, and plenty of pirates, those who venture over could make the switch permanently.

Sea of Thieves players will be intrigued when their apparent rival is released. If they decide to see what the hype is about for themselves, Ubisoft has to take advantage of that and suck them right in.

Can Skull and Bones do it?

Explore the seas, master your ship, instill fear in your enemies... What kind of captain will you be? The choice is yours!

There is a strong chance that Skull and Bones could become the number one pirate-themed video game if everything goes smoothly and Ubisoft players their cards right.

The most recent Ubisoft Forward stream revealed a lot of new information about the game. The customization options, battle mechanics, and focus on the gritty aspects of pirating are just what SnB needs.

Sea of Thieves has become the top pirate game right now, but come November. There could be a new pirate king. From what we've seen of the Ubisoft title, it has all the makings to usurp the throne.

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