Windblume Ode in Genshin Impact: How to get, how to refine, and stats of the bow

The upcoming Windblume Ode in Genshin Impact
The upcoming Windblume Ode in Genshin Impact
Soumyaranjan Behera

Genshin Impact has confirmed the existence of the long-rumored 4-star bow, "Windblume Ode," via the 1.4 version preview.

The "Invitation to Windblume" event will offer this bow to gamers via an event shop. The weapon provides a unique passive ability, which is excellent for Sub-DPS or supporting characters who use elemental skills more often.

Similar to the Festering Desire sword, the refinement materials will be obtainable from the event quest.

How to get the Windblume Ode in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact has confirmed Windblume Ode as an event-exclusive weapon (Image via miHoYo)
Genshin Impact has confirmed Windblume Ode as an event-exclusive weapon (Image via miHoYo)

Windblume Ode in Genshin Impact will be available as an event-exclusive reward in version 1.4, "Invitation to Windblume."

The event, "Peculiar Wonderland," will offer eight mini-games, which will reward a time-limited currency for successful attempts. The Windblume Ode, along with Mora, Hero's wits, and Mystic enhancement ores, can be exchanged for those time-limited currencies from the event shop.

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Stats of Windblume Ode in Genshin Impact

The stats for the exclusive 4-star bow are yet to be officially revealed. However, data miners from Honeyhunter World have leaked the same ahead of its release.

Windblume Ode will have a base ATK of 42 and secondary stats of 36 Elemental Mastery. At level 90, it will provide a maximum of 510 ATK and 165 Elemental Mastery, according to the leaked stats.

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Passive ability of Windblume Ode

Leaks suggest that the passive ability of Windblume Ode will be called "Windblume Wish." Upon using an elemental skill, the character wielding this bow will receive a 'boon from the ancient wish of the Windblume' and gain a 16% Attack Bonus for six seconds.

How to refine Windblume Bow to level 5

The official announcement teasing the Windblume Ode also features a flower-like mysterious material that goes unnamed. However, data-mined leaks suggest that the material will be called "The visible winds" in Genshin Impact.

Upon refinement to rank 5, the bow will offer a 32% attack bonus via its passive.

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According to the leaked description of the item, players can use the Visible Winds for refining the Windblume Ode bow instead of duplicates of the weapon. A similar refinement mechanism was also introduced during v1.2 of Genshin Impact for refining the 'Festering Desire' sword.

Genshin Impact's 1.4 update will be arriving on 17th March 2021. Considering the release is less than a week away, miHoYo is expected to reveal the bow's official stats in the next two to four days. Until then, players can farm enough materials and prepare their candidates for the weapon in version 1.4.

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