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Wuthering Waves Beginner
Wuthering Waves (Image via Kuro Games)

If you want to step into the vast world of Solaris-3, you may be looking for a Wuthering Waves beginner's guide. After all, the haunted tacet beasts roaming the desolate landscape can easily hunt you down if you are not familiar with the terrain and everything in it. Having the necessary information can help make your journey across the game much easier.

This Wuthering Waves beginner's guide aims to help you get familiar with the game's mechanics. It explains how you can master the system and become a skillful Rover.

Beginner's guide for Wuthering Waves: Combat

As this beginner's guide will explain, Resonators have unique skills (Image via Kuro Games)
As this beginner's guide will explain, Resonators have unique skills (Image via Kuro Games)

Before we get into Wuthering Waves' combat segment, we must talk about the Resonators.

Resonators are characters in Wuthering Waves whom you will befriend in your journey and who can join your party if you have obtained them. Each Resonator has a different weapon type and attribute that can help them counter specific foes.

All Resonator Attributes

  • Fusion: the ability to apply heat and ignite.
  • Glacio: the ability to cool down and freeze.
  • Aero: the ability to manipulate airflow.
  • Electro: the ability to displace charges.
  • Spectro: the ability to bind photons.
  • Havoc: the ability to annihilate matter.

All weapon types

  • Sword
  • Broadsword
  • Gun
  • Rectifier
  • Gauntlets

Now, let us get into the base of the combat. Kuro Games is known for creating challenging boss fights and battle loops that complement the flashy animation of each character well.

Here are a few combat terms in the title that you should know about:

  • Forte Circuit: This is the bar on top of your HP meter that will charge up during combat.
  • Resonance Skill: Your basic skill that you can unleash every few seconds. Again, each resonator has different and unique skills.
  • Resonance Liberation: This is your ultimate ability, which is also unique for each party member. Some can heal, and others can deal damage.
  • Forte: This is your skill tree system, which you will need to level up and make your Resonators powerful.

There are also Intro and Outro skills that a character can perform when taking the field. You can swap them out.

Some elite enemies will have a toughness bar that you can break by either using certain weapon types or skills or by countering and parrying their attack. Once you have depleted their toughness bar, they will be stunned for a while. This is when you can unleash your full force to quickly take down their HP.

Beginner's guide for Wuthering Waves: Materials and currencies

Different materials (Image via Kuro Games)
Different materials (Image via Kuro Games)

Each character or weapon will require different materials to upgrade. You will need to defeat powerful enemies or explore the open world to get these materials.

Here are the in-game materials and currencies:

  • Astrite: Premium currency. Can be converted to gacha pulls
  • Lustrous Tide: Standard Gacha currency
  • Radiant Tide: Limited Gacha currency
  • Forging Tide: Weapon Banner Currency
  • Shell Credits: Normal currency
  • Wavematter: Stamina
  • Resonance Potion: Character level=up material
  • Energy Core: Weapon level-up material

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Beginner's guide for Wuthering Waves: Echoes

This beginner guide for Wuthering Wave recommends that you actively hunt Echoes (Image via Kuro Games)
This beginner guide for Wuthering Wave recommends that you actively hunt Echoes (Image via Kuro Games)

Wuthering Waves allows you to catch various monsters roaming the landscapes of Solaris 3. Once you defeat them, they will leave afterimages called Echoes, which can be used to power up your characters. Each Echo has different stats and abilities.

You will need to hunt down these monsters effectively if you want to increase your chance of getting an Echo of higher rarity.

Beginner's guide for Wuthering Waves: Endgame content

The endgame content (Image via Kuro Games)
The endgame content (Image via Kuro Games)

Wuthering Waves offers two endgame content. Tower of Adversity is a tower-like game mode where you will must defeat a set number of enemies in time, while Illusive Realm is a roguelike game mode.

You should take heed of the level recommendations while jumping into each stage of these two game modes.

Beginner's guide for Wuthering Waves: Mistakes to avoid

If you are a completely new player to the world of gacha, there are a few mistakes you can make that might hamper your gameplay. Here are a few mistakes that you will need to avoid:

  • Always save your Astrite for Limited Character Convenes. The game will give you enough pulls to hit the pity for the two beginner convenes.
  • Avoid leveling every character. Just upgrade the ones you have fun with.
  • Hit the maximum cap for both characters and weapons before upgrading your world level. Enemies will hit hard and you may not survive the battle.
  • Take your time with the exploration. Do not rush everything.
  • Do limited events and daily quests. They will be your main source of income for Astrite.

That concludes the beginner's guide for Wuthering Waves. Hopefully, it will help you in your journey across the desolate landscapes of Solaris 3.

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